Question about new AG Wolf Range

LLVVApril 3, 2013

We just bought an all gas Wolf range. It's the new model with sealed burners.

The burners work perfectly, however, I'm concerned about the oven. I had a cheap builder's special GE gas range that baked everything perfectly. I've been using the oven for about 9 days and it seems that it cooks everything slower than the GE one did. The inside of the GE oven was a little bit larger so I don't think that size is influencing the longer cook time issue.

We were about to get the oven serviced when my husband purchased an oven thermometer to see how much calibration the oven would need. Apparently, the Wolf oven's temperature is spot on perfect. Even during the cool-down and warm-up cycling there is very little temperature change so I don't understand why it's taking longer for things (across the board...cookies, casseroles, etc.) to cook. 350 degrees is 350 degrees so logically both ovens should things for the same amount of time but that isn't the case.

Anyone have any ideas why there is a difference in cook times?

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Maybe the old oven temp was high. ;-) Can you give us an example of what you are cooking and the time difference? It is possible that the thermometer you bought is off. You could always have Wolf come out and check it.

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It sounds like the old oven ran high. How much longer are things taking? Are you pre-heating the oven properly?

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