All refrigerator won't cool. Frigidaire

psyoheApril 27, 2014

My all refrigerator will not cool. 2 weeks ago the alarms went off. It was 58� inside. Today the alarms went off a dozen times and it was 60�. We put a separate thermometer inside. Tonight it shows 33�, but it is not cold.

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?
Thanks, Peke

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I would google the model number + reviews, Peke.
See if it is a common problem with that model.

You might also want to checks posts on "Fixya" to see if anyone posted a similar problem there.

Can you hear the compressor running?
How old is it?
Have you tried cleaning the condenser?

Good luck and let us know what you find, as it will help the next person with the same problem.


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Thanks, Gary. I can't tell if the compressor is running or not. We have it built in beside the freezer. It is back to 58ð today instead of 60ð. We will have to take the trim kit off and that was a "joy" to put on. I have contacted Frigidaire to see if there are repair people locally.

I also heard to unplug it and let it sit overnight, then plug it back in. I will try that after we check the condenser and compressor.

I will post when I find put in case someone else needs info. We have had a bad time with appliances in this remodel. Compactor broke last week.

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That happened to my Viking fridge. It needed 2 service calls to replace the freon. Expensive but repair man says I'll get 25 years at least from the fridge.

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Ok. It is back to normal. That makes me think that something "froze up" then thawed over the two days of high temps.

So what parts of the refrigerator would do that? I haven't heard from Frigidaire yet.


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Golden David

Is it a bottom freezer? It's possible your freezer was stuck open. This happened to me on my frigidaire. It went back to normal after I got it all sealed up.

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Peke says "All Refrigerator", (IE not a "combo").

I suspects the evaporator iced up, Peke, but if you list the model, I will do an online search for similar problems as yours has!


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It has done it twice more. Today it is on 60 degrees.

Frigidaire FPRH19D7LF

It's a good thing we kept our 30 year old GE refrigerator.


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Well not good news, Peke.

Goggle FPRH19D7LF reviews.

I read the same things on best buys reviews, consumer reports reviews, etc etc----Bummer!!!!!!!

Based on what I found I would not spend the money to repair it, hopefully it is under warranty, but long term outlook for that fridge is NOT good!

Do read for yourself thou!!!!sorry to be the "Bearer of Bad Tidings"!!!!!


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