Air tub shopping? Cost so high!!

mirucaMay 23, 2013

Looking at free standing airtubs - so expensive!!! The bain ultra's? are over $7,000 on their price list. Really?

Are people paying this kind of price for an airtub? Are there other brands equally as good and less expensive? Are there web sites that are good to shop at?

Appreciate any advice.

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First of all the free standing tubs are more expensive than the the other tubs. Second , Bain ultra is an expensive brand and they sell their tubs through showrooms only . I tried to find any online , but no luck . Luckily I found a discounted demo in a showroom . You can check other brands that are sold online like Jason or Maxx . Qualitybath. Com is an authorized dealer for a lot of them , and they have good prices. Do you homework and look online and compare prices . Good luck.

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That's list price. I don't think anybody pays that. My local showroom gives a 40% discount off list.

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Thanks - good to know on list price.

I have been looking on line a lot - the only names I know are the main ones mentioned above - which even at 50% off is more than our budget. I was hoping there were others that people have had good experience with - that would help in choosing amongst lesser known brands.

Thanks for quality bath .com. I had forgotten about that!

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I just visited a local plumbing supply store in my area and was told about MTI Basics which is a newer line of MTI. I love their tubs and saw one that I really liked in their regular line that was over 4K. In the Basics line an airtub comes in around 2k. I asked what the difference was and the salesperson said that they are not customized. That's fine with me! The quality is the same, so she says.

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pixe1 - I just checked out the MTI website - they are suppose to have a good product, I think.

BTW - website closed until tomorrow evening when a sale starts!

Much of my weekend will be perusing for tubs and accessories so we can hand over the specification sheets on Tuesday morning!

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