No bleach counter tops??

jerry_njSeptember 21, 2011

We had new acrylic counter tops installed in our kitchen. It replaced a still usable 25 year old Formica laminate counter top.

After installation I learned that bleach can not be used on solid acrylic (granite and other) counter tops.

I had used Clorox Clean Up and Soft Scrub with Bleach to clean and disinfect the Formica surface for all my adult life. What can one use to disinfect these solid (new) counter tops?

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First off - if it's acrylic, it is NOT granite. Granite is stone. You have something man-made.

Next, read the care instructions that come with your countertops. If the installer didn't give them to you, then get them.

I regularly use bleach wipes and Soft Scrub on my Corian surfaces, and also on the faux marble acrylic counters in the bathroom.

But you can't make a judgment unless you KNOW what you have.

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There are many types of plastics and I agree it's good to know the details. Try to get the specifics from the manufacturer in terms of what kind of synthetic surface it is in general terms. Makers often brand their product (e.g. Corian, Formica) and they'll tell you exactly.

It may follow similar rules as stone but its porosity should be different. Bleach may not harm the surface itself but it absolutely may change the color or negatively react with a polymer. Companies can be quite specific about care guidelines; I think DuPont recommends against Windex, whereas ammonia-based glass cleaner might be the best for this type of acrylic.

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Thanks, I was mixing up two issues when I typed this post. I learned when mounting the faucet that the usual Plumber's Putty used to seal the faucet can not be use on Marble, Granite, and (most?) acrylics. The bleach came up when the installer said do not use bleach. I am looking for the manufacturer's recommendation. My wife doesn't like the smell of bleach, so she's all for it.

The top I have is a solid acrylic made by LG Hausys it is calle Hi Macs.

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The LG Hausys site says to use bleach to clean tough stains, such as fruit juice (blueberry comes to mind). The bleach should be not be allowed to sit on the surface for more than 5 minutes.

The basic theory is, however, that the non-porous material can be cleaned with mild soap and water, no harsh chemicals are needed for normal day-in-day-out cleaning. Given my wife's dislike for bleach I'll have to just live with the idea that I don't need to disinfect the surface every day.

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That's great you found the specific info (and remembered the putty guidelines). It's true that disinfection is important, but the beauty of a non-porous kitchen surface is the relative ease in keeping it clean and germ-free. I'm not sure if reaching for bleach is a habit that makes us feel better -- b/c it does kill stuff -- but, to your wife's happiness, it can be overkill depending on surface material.

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