Kitchenaid Dishwashers Side Vent

Chas1April 3, 2013

We are looking at a new dishwasher, and have been attracted by the KA Superba EQ series, which is their quiet series KUDE20, 48, 50, 60 and 70.

Regardless of what we end up getting, the KA and companion Whirlpools seem to all have a left side vent near the top of the door.

I have seen a thread here that talks about a now discontinued KUDE60FXSS venting steam out that side vent, and causing condensation inside the adjoining kitchen cabinets. I have also seen a thread that says KA has fixed this issue.

Does anyone have any experience with the KUDE series?

Do they vent steam out into the adjoining cabinets?

How bad is it?

What about any that have ProDry?

I am told that the highest end current models KUDE60HXSS and KUDE70FXSS have a feature called ProDry, which drys by condensation on the SS interior. The left side vent is supposedly an air intake only, but can release a little steam when drawing air into the interior.

All other KAs which have heated dry use the vent for steam escape.


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We bought a new KUDE40FX a year ago March and it broke down in April, thanfully if you can call it that within the one month remaining on the warranty. They replaced the electronic control box. That was enough to scare me into getting the extended warranty for another 4 years because the previous KA in this house when we bought it was only a year old at the time and crapped out twice. A minimum of about $200 each time.

However as a dishwasher it works very well, it's quiet and we've had no steam issues from the little side vent. Fact of the matter is we use the "One Hour" wash cycle about 95% of the time with excellent results on really dirty non rinsed dishes. The other cycles seem rather pointless to me. I like to get them done pronto. The other cycles take a minimum of 2.5 hours even with clean dishes in there and don't really save all that much water or power according to the provided charts, just that they have to have them now by law to meet govt regulations. I tried a load with clean dishes just to see how long the sensor cycle took and that's about how long it took, not including the dry cycle. They dry quickly anyways if you pop the door open an inch when it's finished.

Would I buy another Kitchenaid dishwasher or any dishwasher made by Whirpool again,, NEVER.
Twice burned, thrice shy.

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We have the HX version of this dishwasher no side venting issues and overall the unit works well. However if you consider this unit be warned, the pump is connected with a non adjustable band clamp. 2 weeks prior to the first year warranty expiring, our pump slid off its connection dumping water under the unit. Luckily it was caught in time with minimal sub floor damage. The kitchen aid repair solution is a screw tightened band clamp along with zip tying the pump in place. Never had tis issue with the 10 year old whirlpool it replaced.

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Re that adjustable clamp. Earlier this year Kitchenaid sent all owners of the affected dishwashers (mine included) a notice about it offering a free fix which I took advantage of.

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