4th of July Baskets!

party_music50July 4, 2010

Hi! Don't know if this post will get through, as I have been experiencing problems with the forum.

Just wanted to show my 4th of July baskets.... I finished them in the nick of time. :) Nothing fancy, but I think they're cute and plan to use them to serve snacky things later today. I just finished the larger one, so didn't have the time to make a matching napkin basket (but probably will sometime!). Just taken with the computer camera, so you get to see my wrinkled shirt. LOL!

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Happy 4th, partymusic! Looks like you are ready for a great holiday! The baskets are beautiful...you do great work! Have fun today! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Really nice baskets. You are very talented. I think a napkin basket would be great too!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

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Those are wonderful, Party. You sure have a great talent to be able to make baskets. I'm very green with envy, the creative gene totally missed me. I'm sure glad you got it so we can see your baskets tho.

Happy 4th,

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Party...Hope you had a Happy 4th!
Your baskets came out beautifully. You are so talented.
I just love seeing your creations..and so glad you got to show them.


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Thank you all for the replies and nice comments. I hope you all had a great 4th too! :)

It was a different 4th here -- with a sudden change in plans. We ended up spending 6 hours on the road.... such a shame because it was a gorgeous day.

I've been really busy for awhile now because my porch is finally being re-done (yeah!!!). I think that it will actually be worthy of decorating when it's finished, and I know that everyone here could help me with that. I know that I'm "decorating challenged", but I'm already thinking ahead to xmas! lol!

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You sure make wonderful baskets--they really look professional too! Bet all your guests were impressed with your talents. Luvs

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Those baskets are beautiful!

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Wow! Those are terrific. I love the fact that you can make them any shape you want. Usually a person has to look high and low for just the right shape to hold a certain item.

Nice job, indeed.

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