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firsttimebldrApril 20, 2013

I self cleaned my oven (KA KEBC 107) and it would not work again. Circuit breaker not tripped. Tried everything. Anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong. Thank you. Betsy.

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Betsy, Just google KEBC 107.

Unfortunately you will find more than you wanted to!

To answer your direct question, In many cases, the KA oven blows a thermal fuse, which is not all that easy to "DIY".

So that would be the first thing, either have an appliance repair shop get that fuse (FIRST), and then replace it, or get the fuse yourself and try a DIY, (adhering to proper safety standards),
IE Circuit breaker off for oven, (double check it) !

Googling , as I suggested you do, first shows this problem showing up in 2001, with later posts up to 2007 and later for the KEBC 107.

I think most of us here, would "Strongly suggest", to never self clean that model KA oven, and many of us here, never self clean our ovens either. I have an Electrolux, and alto they had a much smaller problem of self cleaning around 2009-2010, I still don't self clean it.


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Assuming you are 'lucky', the problem will only be the thermal fuse. I believe I found the long thread on this issue. I didn't see anything precisely obvious jump out at me when I googled as Gary suggested. I assume when you tried 'everything', that it at least included turning the circuit breaker off and on even though it didn't appear to be tripped. If not, you might Really be lucky. Otherwise, normally the fuse failure leaves the oven door locked and no power. If that is your condition, then the logical assumption is the fuse.

fortunately, my oven didn't give me trouble so I don't actually know precisely where the fuse hooks up. It is on the back somewhere. I believe it should cost about $50. If you are handy and strong and can arrange a precise support, you should be able to slide your oven out and replace the fuse with (as Gary said) the power really off.

Here is a link that might be useful: The long thread.

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I'd also recommend you tell all your friends about the quality KA product you have and the stellar service they are about to provide you !

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