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excessfroufrouJuly 7, 2011

Karen, I've been watching the dust storm on the news. Are you okay? It looks like it would be a horrible mess. I was just a little worried for you.


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Me too Karen,
I thought of you when I saw the dust storm on the news.
I can't imagine having to clean up after something like that. Hope all is well.

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We were all thinking of you, Purplemoon!
Thanks for sending the e-mail w/news pics of the dust storm...it reminds me of tornadoes (almost) ...50 - 60mph winds in a dust storm has to be horrific! 50-60mph here usually tears up our trees! Lots of vaccum sweeper bags being sold this week, I bet! Hugs to you, Jeanne S.

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Karen, You are the first person I though about when I saw the weather. Are you OK? Good Thoughts and Prayers coming your way.

Take Care,


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I did get an email from Karen and she is OK.
She says she is just too sad to post regularly right now.

Karen, sending lots of T & P's your way right now!! I know your heart is heavy, but all of your friends here are thinking of you!


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Thanks so much for thinking of me! I feel terrible that's I've been missing lately. I just can't seem to get my act together to post or answer emails. Got myself into a royal funk on Father's Day and it escalated into a full blown depression. I'm okay now, other than being more or less in Zombie Mode and wanting to do nothing at all. Of course the wicked heat last week, 118 at the worst of it, didn't improve my mood. I love, and NEED, to be outside and get moody when I can't. My summers are so like many of yours during the winter, so am sure you can understand how sick of staying inside you get. Dad's birthday is the end of the month but I don't think that will be near as hard as Father's Day. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be another matter I'm afraid.
I've got a lot of posts to catch up on here, and see what you've been up to. I really am sorry that I've finked out on you lately. I'll get back to posting decently tho. It really means a lot to have you guys care so much and I wish I could give all of you REAL hugs!

It was quite the monster duststorm....biggest anyone can remember! A MILE HIGH wall of dust, 100 miles long. So it covered the entire Valley and no town in and around Phoenix was spared. There were.no problems for me, thankfully, tho when I looked out my kitchen window at 7 pm, I couldn't even see my backyard cause the dust was so thick. The wind was fierce, 50-60 mph. Lots of others not so lucky with downed power lines, trees, and accidents on roads. All the 10 pm news footage was pretty amazing to see. Here's photos for you of it rolling into the Valley and another one of it hitting Phx at around 7 pm.

hugs, Karen

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I was worried too and just had to pick up the phone and call to be sure she was okay that evening. I've never seen anything like that, sure hope they don't happen often! Can't even imagine being without electricity when the temps are 118 degrees either--those poor people!

Karen, you are right, the holidays this year will no doubt be hard for you. Only time helps us at times like this it seems. Just concentrate on all the happy memories and know that he would not want you to be unhappy.

We are all here for you anytime you need to talk.

Hang in there.


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Here's one more photo as it came up from Tucson before things got so dark as in the other photos...

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Oh that is so scary-looking! (like I said, reminds me of pics of tornadoes!)...I think it's Mother Nature in control & at her worst!) Ugh!

Good to hear from you, purplemoon. Yes, being 'house-bound' by heat or cold is the pits! ...hugs to you. Jeanne S.

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