Sweet corn

nana2010_gwJuly 16, 2012

I started this table this table last week.

And I liked how it was starting to shape up.

However, Saturday morning I went to my favorite TS and found this new table cloth for $3.00. From 2012-07-14 (by Eye-Fi)

Don't the colors scream 1970's? I knew when saw it that I had to use it on this table. From 2012-07-14 (by Eye-Fi)

The corn holder dishes, S&Ps and glasses are TS purchases. Daises are courtesy of my neighbor's garden.

The corn is from the grocery store. Local corn won't be ready for several more weeks.

Mr. Squirrel is a visitor. I'm not sure where he came from. LOL From 2012-07-14 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-07-14 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-07-14 (by Eye-Fi)

I'm experiencing a lot of vertigo from my allergies so I didn't try any Candy shots this time.



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Oh nana.,..what a find ...I'm glad that t'cloth called out to you! How perfect for this t'scape! Love it!

Hey, Mr. Squirrel...go back to your tree...you need a Racoon on your table, nana! They're just horrible lil' critters that LOVE sweet corn!!! LOL!

Each colorful place setting is some 'summery' cheerful! & the corn plates & S&P are so cute! We have corn here now ...with drought conditions it probably won't be around much for the later corn ...but early good is real good!

Daisies always made me smile! Sweet! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Wonderful table Nana. Love the vibrant colors and how nice that the tc just jumped right out there when you really needed it.
The little salt/peppers are to cute and add just the right touch.
The little squirrel waiting to steal a snack is a cute addition (but then again, I have a weak spot for the little critters...lol)
Nice Job!!

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Marlene Kindred

$3.00?? Are you kidding me?? The old tablecloths sell for a fortune around here. LOVE the table....very summery and inviting....I want me some fresh corn on the cob!

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Nana, your table would have been pretty even without the tablecloth--but what a wonderful find to set them off! A nice tablecloth like that for only $3.00 is a fantastic find, you lucky lady! Love that you thought to go with fresh sweet corn for a table theme, and the addition of that little squirrel is pure genius! Too cute!


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Nana, I'm a 70's kind of girl and oh do I remember
these colors. Love it!!! So glad you found this
tc to go with. I never seem to find any for $3
around here unless they are stained.LOL Love the
orange butter dish, glasses and bowls. Both s & P's
and corn dishes are SWEET!

Your squirrel is so cute sitting by the fresh corn.
Corn is .89 each so haven't bought any yet this year.
We don't have any squirrels here but the raccoons
seem to love it when our corn is ready. Took me a
couple of years to figure out what was enjoying ours
during the night.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful ts.


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This is so pretty Nana...love all the beautiful colors
and all the wonderful pieces..bowls/plates/ and adorable
S&Ps and Corn plates!
I agree glad that tablecloth (unbelievable price)
reached out to you! Perfect for this setting..
Cute touch with the little squirrel!
With the pretty Daisy CP...this table sure gives you a feeling of Summer! Love it!

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Nana, went and dug out my corn holders and had to share. These match your tc perfectly but not as pretty as yours. Could you send your tc and dishes so I can set a table.LOL


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Thanks everyone, I'm so glad you liked this table and the table cloth.
I didn't look closely at the label on the tc when I bought it.
but when I checked it out I saw that it sold for $3.00 new.


oops I don't know why the photo didn't show up.
Jeanne, I don't need any racoons. We have enough trouble with rabbits, chipmunks and woodchucks devouring everything they can sink their teeth into.
MM, I couldn't believe my luck finding this tc I would have paid more for it.
Marlene and Luv, Yep it was $3.00.
Thanks Jane, I hope you are doing better and better every day.
Punk, Some times the 70's don't seem that long ago. It seems those colors are popular again.
Your corn plates are fun, they remind me of all the Fiesta Ware style dishes that are so popular now.
The tc and dishes are in the mail. LOL

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This is sooo fun. And yes, it is very 70's as far as the colors.
It must be sweet corn season as this is a very sweet table, LOL
The colors are so festive and you reminded me that I made some of those corn dishes in ceramics ages ago. They're hiding around here somewhere!

I agree that the 70's weren't all that long ago as far as I'm concerned.

$3.00 brand new was a lot then, but a bargain now!! Ironic that it was the same price as when it was new.

I don't mind the squirrels and rabbits as long as they are figurines, but the real things are a nuisance!


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Oh that table is so cute! My daughter is marrying a corn farmer next month, his mother collects all kinds of corn dishes and related items. So cute!

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