Which 24" gas stove should I buy? (or should I?)

oklahomaroseApril 19, 2013

Hi, everyone. I want to test out a 24" gas stove in my kitchen to see if I like it. If it seems to cook well, I plan to move it into one of my rental duplexes, a higher end brick property. Right now, I have a normal-sized stove there and a narrower than normal Summit fridge. The kitchen is really cute, and I generally get single people as tenants, so I was thinking of putting a tinier stove in there to free up more space. I wanted to test out the stove in my own kitchen first. Since this stove will likely be for the rental, I'm somewhat reluctant to spend a lot of money on it...I was thinking of a Summit 24"...but I'm open to suggestions. Any urbanites with small kitchens who have experience with this? Or anyone in general. Thanks in advance.

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Do you have a DW in the set up? It may make more sense to do an 18" DW to gain the space than to do a 24" range.

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I lived fairly well with a 21" range in an apartment for 7 years. It was an antique and had open burners. Oven was small, but ok for two. I would have given a lot for even a small dishwasher.

Summits have sealed burners and the large burner is about 9000 btu and they run DOWN from there to about 3500 btu. They all seem to require a 1/2" airspace from cabinets on both sides.

I've never cooked on one - so that's all I got to say.

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I'm not sure how much it is, but a 24" four burner bluestar would be perfect for a high end rental. The burners can't be beat and the oven is plenty big.

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OK, thanks for the feedback. The enclosed picture might help. You can see the full-size dishwasher near the side door. I'd like to put the 24" stove where the full-size stove is currently, remove the counters, and slide in the narrow Summit fridge beside it. Summary: I'd like to fit a narrower than normal fridge and 24" stove on the left side of the picture to replace the two little counters and the full-size range. Any thoughts? Thanks to you folks who have replied.

Question: Can I put the small stove and small fridge right next to each other or will I need a gap around the stove?

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Can you explain your reasoning for wanting to move the fridge to that run with the range? As is in your photo, the kitchen looks like it has the minimal suggested counter space around the range for staging prepped items for cooking and room for handles of pots being worked on the range. I'd hate to see those little counter bits removed just to crowd a fridge in there.

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Hi, Breezygirl......I do love the current setup, and my tenant is happy with it. The problem is where to put the fridge. You can cannot see this in the picture, but the fridge is turned very awkwardly sideways to the left of the camera lens just out of the picture. The kitchen is so tight. The water heater is recessed into the wall and the fridge is turned sideways and set against the wall in front of the panel covering the water heater. It's a narrower than normal Summit. When the tenant opens the fridge door, it hits that little section of counter. It's by no means a deal breaker for the kitchen (she loves the place), so perhaps I just need to quit fretting and leave it.

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There are professional style 24"gas ranges, the best being Bluestar, but they're very expensive. I don't like the cheap Summit or Brown ranges.

Avanti makes cheap 24" ranges that well, are perhaps O.K. - there are many different models, and some seem very cheap and flimsy- the pricier models seem somewhat better-

Perhaps a better gas range for the $$ is Italian and goes under several names with minor differences. Different brands import them under different names.

Avanti used to market it as the "Elba" DG2401C- Some online store called Sam's sells 'reconditioned' ones for about $1,000. A place called Rainbow lists it for much more.

Delonghi also sells a similar range,Model: DEFSGG24SS or did at one time.- not sure if they're available any more.

It's also known as the Verona VEFSGG244SS- Amazon sells it for about $1,830.

Fisher Paykel also sells a similar range at a premium price. Fisher Paykel OR24SDMBGX2- $1850 or more.

Bertazzoni sells their own gas range for about $2,000.

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Thank you, alexr. I appreciate your detailed feedback. I don't like cheap stuff. I know a lot of landlords do not mind, but my properties are pretty. I don't want junk in there. I have heard so many raves about Berta and Bluestar, but I do not think that even I can spend two grand on a stove for a rental. It is food for thought, though. Thanks.

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