Miele vs. Steril Air Vacuum (xpost to Appliances)

rjr220September 16, 2009

We are in the market to replace our 11 y/o Sears cannister w/beater bar. Went to Sears and looked at the equivalent of what we bought 11 years ago, and the quality and construction looks chinzy: the floor model was already broke.

We are looking at Miele: the local vacuum place also carries Steril Aire. We have a 2750 SF ranch, one level, 90% hardwood or tile: about 140 SF low nap carpet.

My husband is wowed by the power and 10 year warranty on the Steril Aire ST400: at $1000.00 (I can't believe we're spending 1K on something that sucks dirt). I'm not quite sure we need that power for hardwood and think the Miele Gemini would do the trick for a few less $$. Vacuum place, of course is pushing the Steril Aire.

I can find great info on the Miele online and GW, but Nada on the Steril Aire. Can anyone out there contribute any info on either?


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maybe this will help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sterilaire

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My sister recently bought me a Miele Polaris for my birthday, to replace a 26 year old Eureka cannister (that still works, fairly well, but the plastic parts are falling apart, and is now the "basement vacuum cleaner"). It was about 400 dollars. Nice present!! :)

I don't have much to compare to, but the Miele is fabulous. Lightweight, well-designed, powerful, quiet. Cons: the bags are expensive and I would love to be able to buy cheap generics, or a re-usable bag. Also, it is so lightweight it sometimes flips over when I pull it around.

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I've had my midsized Miele canister for 13+ years, and I love, love, love it. It never tips over on me, it is easy to manuver, the utensils are all on board and it's quiet. It sits up on end for stairs and cleaning high up. I buy the bags and the filters on Ebay. Even at less than retail they're not cheap, but I know that there isn't dust spewing into the air when I vacuum, and that's worth a lot to me. I have hardwood floors throughout my home. When I bought the Miele, I had old carpet in the living room. After 8 more years (post potty training age for all children), we replaced it with hardwood. When the guys took out the old carpet, they told me that they had never seen a carpet that old that didn't have a thick layer of fine dust under it--and this one didn't! Believe me, it wasn't because I vacuumed daily or anything, either. The Miele does a good job.

I know nothing at all about Steril Air vacuums, but I know that if my Miele died today (and it doesn't show any signs of it), I'd be buying a replacement tomorrow with no hesitation. Good luck, I'm sure that either vacuum will do a good job for you.


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I have been in the vacuum cleaner business for 26+ years, full-time. There are two classes of cleaning equipment: home use and professional use. The Miele Gemini is a fine product with good quality, filtration, and decent performance, but it is for home use. All the Sterilaire vacuums are designed for professional use. The earliest Sterilaire vacuum I know of was made in the 1930Âs. My experience with the current models ranges from 1986 with the ST450, 2002 with the ST350 and ST400, and mid 1990Âs with the upright models. Components and accessories of these machines come from vendors all over the world: Europe, North America, and Asia. The 10 year warranty covers the motor in the canister models. All other components have a 3 year warranty. Hopefully, this information will help with your questions

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