DW: 2 Bosch vs 1 Miele??

acgummadApril 6, 2013

This question may seem ridiculous, but bear with me...

I have a $2K allowance for DWs in my overall kitchen reno appliance budget. That means I can get 2 Bosch or 1 Miele. At least twice a week, I have two loads' worth of dirty dishes after dinner, but only currently have one machine so go to bed with a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes that I do when I get up in the morning. It's not a huge deal, but the price gap between these two brands is so large based on the models available that it, literally, is the difference between buying one or two machines.

So, question is... knowing that I have a full-time need for one unit, and a part-time need for a second unit, would you, in your opinion, prefer the scenario of two Boschs or one Miele? In other words, is the variance in quality between the two brands worth sacrifing the availability of one entire unit??

BTW, I've done a lot of searches on GW for Boschs and Mieles, and the threads that come up are so old that the only major benefit of the then-Mieles that anyone talked about was having that third cutlery rack, which is now moot as Bosch has since incorporated that into their interior design.

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Shop and I think you can get two Mieles for not much over your budget. Save yourself money this way in the long run.

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Thanks, dan1888. WIth Miele's fixed pricing, I haven't seen any price differentials anywhere. When you say 'shop around,' in what contexts have you seen, or would recommend looking for, cheaper pricing? I've seen people say this about SZ and Wolf too, but I haven't seen examples of this, again, because they're fixed.

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The lest expensive Miele is $990 with the cutlery tray. Called the Classic. It doesn't have lots of bells and whistles but I would venture to say most people don't use the bells and whistles anyway.

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This is great feedback. Thanks everyone. Looks like I should be able to get two Miele's for around $2K. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles, especially with such a high quality machine - I assume they are excellent in cleaning, which is the main job we all need a DW to do. I do need panel-ready DWs. Does anyone know if the Classics are available in panel-ready?

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One method of getting around set pricing is available if you are buying several things. Is some aren't protected they can be $0 and the total is a reasonable price.
The Futura Classic G 4270 SCVi is panel ready.

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