Does this exist?

janjan212April 20, 2012

Ok, I seriously tried to search and went to some sites that sell appliances but can't really tell if I am looking at what I want. So, to the experts here I come.... I apologize for my ignorance in advance.

I am NOT a fancy cook. I do like to host my family holiday dinners and other occasional get togethers. We are doing a very MINOR update to our current kitchen and I thought it might be time to switch up my oven/microwave wall combo. I really wanted double wall ovens and a microwave, but I just don't have the space. I swear I saw a couple of years ago a wall oven with either a half oven that also served as a microwave or a wall oven with a microwave that also was a mini convection oven.

My goal is to be able to cook a roast/turkey ...etc in a main oven and still be able to cook a casserole or whatnot in the other. When I don't need the small oven, have it be a fully functional microwave. Also it would be great if all I needed was the small oven space (making brownies etc....) instead of firing up the big one....

So did I see this a few years ago, or do I need to take another dose of my meds? ;)

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Buy a Miele speed oven, and stack it over a full sized Miele oven.


Buy and Electrolux Icon speed oven, and stack it over and Electrolux Icon full sized oven.

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As attofarad stated there are things called "speed ovens" and/or "convection" microwave ovens. There is also a 3rd choice called a steam oven, but I think the first two are more what you are talking about.

Do some research, but the one's attofard pointed out are great options from what I have read.

If you don't want to go that route something I have is also a Breville toaster oven, here is a link to some more info on it:

Breville Link

Now I now it is a counter top model, but it is larger and much cheaper than other options, just wanted to through something else out there for you.

good luck,

Here is a link that might be useful: Breville Link

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GE makes a single double wall oven, but without the microwave (see link below).

A speed oven's microwave and regular oven capabilities can be used separately or in combination; that may be an alternative if having a microwave is really important to you.


Here is a link that might be useful: GE Profile PT925 single double wall oven

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Assuming that you meant a combination wall oven, your meds are ok. The KitchenAid KEMS308 does exactly what you described. It has a normal size convection oven and a second oven that is much smaller that is a full function microwave AND also a full function but small convection oven. It is not a speed oven because it will not microwave and thermal heat at the same time. Although small, it will bake a casserole and it heats much faster than the large oven.

The only problem is that it is in the wide series of ovens from ka that sometimes blow their expensive thermal fuse during self clean. Mine has had no problem, but I have only tested it twice. Many here believe that any oven can be damaged by the self clean feature and suggest that it not be used.

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By George, I think we have it! Thanks so much for the responses! I have dreamed of the Icon oven with those gliding racks for a couple of years. It's great to hear they have the combo! And, attofarad, the Miele is probably out of the question. If I am able to do this, I have to be as cost effective as I can. I just fell in live with a Miele dishwasher that my Hubby already thought was overkill for the price. IF I am able to manage either one, it will most likely be the dishwasher.

@philwojo... that Breville looks so cool! I could see something like that being very useful, but I don't have a spot I think would be appropriate for it, or should I say that I would be willing to give up on the countertop. If I can't do what I want with the wall oven combo due to budget, that is sure an affordable suggestion!

@chac mool....I actually saw that a couple of years ago and thought it might be the perfect solution, but when I looked at the interior space of the larger one, I was concerned that the Holiday turkey's wouldn't fit. We usually get the big birds, 20+ lbs (the largest we can find) It may be an optical illusion though and I should take the time to talk with the sales people about that.

@Chas045, the Kitchenaid also sounds like what I remember, I'll look into those as well.

We are going to stop in to the Appliance store while we're out looking at faucets today. Your help will make me look a little less naive when we get there! Thanks again~

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Well, now I went and done it.

We went out to look at the above options and I see the GE Monogram there too. I was in LOVE with the combo! I am NOT in love with the however! I am going to look at reviews and if they are favorable, I might save up for those. Good Gawd they are gorgeous!

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Well Poo. Reviews certainly NOT glowing for the Monograms. Darn it. I'm going back to looking for my faucet for awhile while I get over my disappointment.

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If you want everything to work as advertised then buy the Miele oven and speed oven

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I just assumed the Miele was out of my price range (although I didn't really set one, I only know they are top of the line) When I mentioned what I was looking for, the salesperson showed me the GE (profile and monogram) the Kitchenaid, and the Electrolux. They carry Miele but even he didn't mention it.

He gave us a price on the Electrolux and we saw the retail display price (not sure if they can deal on that) on the Monograms.

Anyone know how the Miele's price out? A few months ago when I was dishwasher shopping, the salesperson said the Miele was priced the same everywhere and there wasn't anything he could do to make a "deal".... Is this true for all Mieles?

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Just read another thread where someone was considering a Wolf oven with the Miele Speed oven.... I think someone even mentioned the Miele with an Electrolux. I sort of like the uniformity of appliances side by side. I don't mind a GE Profile gas cooktop, for example, and another brand oven or dishwasher. It's just those that look like one unit, and having two different panels, badging, handles, styles etc. Anyone actually do this?

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