OT I miss CristmasCandy and OA

nana2010_gwJuly 11, 2012

I hope they will be back soon.


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Sorry, I have had a bad case of "Dud" fever. I have actually been looking, but just no energy to post.

I walk when I play golf and with the heat, by the time I get home, I have been too zapped to do much.
Also, July 4 is my oldest DD's birthday and July 5 is DH's b-day, so busy getting ready for those celebrations.

Then DH scheduled window washers for last Sat. and I had to get everything moved out of the way and the cobwebs vacuumed to prepare....I tried to talk him out of that day as it was predicted to rain, but his response was it is always going to rain sometime. Sure enough, it started to pour before they even finished the outside!! So the inside is clean, but the outside was water spotted within an hour of them starting! Men!!! Can't live with em, can't kill em!

I'm still returning eveything to its proper place.

I did some patriotic decorating and will post pictures in a different post.

So, still checking in, and I actually thought I had responded on some of the posts, but guess I just had good intentions, but no action.

I do enjoy everybody's posts even if I haven't responded yet. Summer is just such a busy time and I love being outside so I get busy and fall short of responding here.


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Candy, I've been right there with you in the Dud dept. Tho not from all the activity of course. I check in here every evening but can't seem to do much in the way of posting.
Had to laugh about your DH comment. I'm sure you wanted to strangle him over the window/rain issue.

Glad to hear from you. I know summer keeps a lot of our gang busy and away. (and bless those of you who do keep us going here meanwhile!)

hugs, Karen

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