Found Crochet Ball

creekdwellerJuly 10, 2010

I found the picture of the crochet ball. It is not mine. I do collect teapots, and rose oval plates I hang on the wall. I have collected teapots since I was 16. That's a long time.

I am just linking my album, so I don't have so many post.

Does anyone collect these teapots?

Here is a link that might be useful: Proverty Hill

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Glad you found the crochet ball. It's lovely and very intricate. Your floral, oval plate collection is so pretty.
I was looking at your teapot collection. Wow, and I thought I had a large collection...but after looking at yours, I don't think so My DM also collected teapots..I guess that's what got me started.

Love your Yellow Lab. He looks like he's enjoying his swim. I had a Yellow Lab - (Charlie) that was a Mix >>> that many of us thought 'Part Wolf'! We had lots of fun times with him. He was my last dog and lived for 17 yrs..I miss him everyday.
Are you planning on making a crochet ball too? If so, please show us when you do.


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Thanks so much slinkey. I have a lot of none hall aladdin teapots. They are still packed and in the attic b/c of lack of place to put them. I just can not part with them.
This is the second real yellow lab we have had. The first one we lost to lymph node cancer. Radio was adopted from a guy in another state that was moving and I answered an ad on craig's list. He drove seven hours to bring him to us, no charge. We have so enjoyed him. And he has adapted to us as well.
I started making "my version" of the crocheted ball. B/C there were no instructions, just a picture. I started at the first of this yr. I made so many little flowers, I got tennis elbow. So, I had to quite. So much for the idea of making enough to go on my Christmas tree for this year.Thank you for being so kind to me! My Daddy has been in the hospital since May 1st. Mama has not left him one day or night. So, being able to communicate with you guys has been very rewarding to me.

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I like the crochet ball, but I really love the backyard picture. What a view!

I found an over-the-counter band at the drugstore that I wore just below my elbow that really helped with the pain when I got tennis elbow. You may want to try it. Inexpensive.

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad being in the hospital so long. I hope he will be better and home soon.
I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

When my husband was severely hurt in an accident at work in 2008 my forum family here really helped us make it through with their prayers.

Keep us posted.

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Oh...I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad...I pray all will turn out okay for him. It's got to be very stressful for all. I'm glad that we can be a source of communication and hopefully some support for you.
I was laughing over you making all those little crochet flowers and you saying that you got tennis elbow from them. Now that's alot of crocheting!! I think they will look really pretty on your tree...and again, you've got to share pictures with us. Years ago, I made some crochet wreaths, for my tree. They were fun to make and looked nice too.

I guess Radio was meant for you..I've never thought of Craig's list for finding a dog. I can't get over his former owner driving all those hours to bring him to you. What's even nicer is that you all adapted so well. Nice ending!!
I found my dog Charlie in a NYC pound. He was a 'throw away'. Someone brought in a box of puppies, that were thrown out of a car. So different from the guy who drove all that way to you, to make sure his dog got a nice home.

Many of my DM's tea pots were Hall too...I can understand you not wanting to part with them. Maybe if you rotated them from time to time, you'll get to enjoy them ALL..but just not ALL at once! lol


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Betty, thank you for the suggestion of the band. I will check it out. About 25 yrs ago I did the same thing making snow flakes for my tree. This was the third time I got tennis elbow. The one before this time was a dossie. Mr. Creek had to take me to the Dr. and he put a shot directly in my elbow. It hurt worse than the tennis elbow. Thank you for yours prayers. I do hope your husband has completely recovered.
Jane, Thank you for your prayers as well. I guess I could just show all the little flowers. LOL Yes, Radio has been such a blessing to us. T and Drew, our 1st lab were twins, When Drew died, T almost mourned himself to death. We actually did not realize what was happening. He had lost from 16 to 9 lbs. When Radio came, T began to gain his weight back. T acts more like a dog than a cat. I did feel really sorry for Radio's Daddy, he cried when he left. He did a fantastic job in letting us have him. He could not have found a better home. For him or for us..Do you still have your DM's teapots? Sounds like Charlie is a very lucky little guy too. I don't rotate very well. Those attic stairs are not my friend.LOL

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Creek, I'm glad you were able to find the crochet ball.

I'm sending prayers and good thoughts for your Dad...and Mom as I know she's have a rough time herself with him hospitalized so long. I'm glad you are enjoying being here with us. I've long said what a blessing this Forum has been in my life. I would be so lost without my friends here. They can't possibly know what they have given me!

I've bookmarked your album to enjoy more. The teapots are wonderful. I love teapots and if I dared have another collection, it would be them. But I'm already over the top with my collecting as most of the gang here knows. LOL.
Especially my dog statues, nearly 300.

I'm glad T is happy again. A lot of people don't realize how deeply animals can mourn for one another. Being so involved in dogs and dog shows for over 35 yrs, I've learned so much. When you have two animals who are really bonded, and one has to be put to sleep, the other one should be WITH it! This way they accept death and know why their friend isn't coming home. Otherwise, to them, their friend just 'disappears' and they keep waitng and watching and grieving. My daughter, and several friends did this after I told them, and their remaining dog did great afterwards.

Sorry for being so long-winded, I tend to get real caught up in animal things.
hugs, Karen

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creek...WOW! You do have a teapot collection & lots of beautiful dishes! I collect Autumn Leaf (Jewel Tea) & I see you have that one on top of your cabinet.

Lucky for Radio & lucky for you! You can tell he is one loved dog!

Good thoughts & prayer to your Dad, Mom, your family & you during this time of hard for everyone when this happens. TFS! Jeanne S.

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