Cleaning mold off stuffed animals and baby blanket

kate38September 9, 2011

After not running the air conditioner, some stuffed toys now have mold and/or mildew on them. Some can be washed in the washer, some cannot. How can we clean both types safely? These things somtimes go into little mouths.

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Just toss them if they can't go into the washer and take high heat. It's not worth the risk.

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My thoughts exactly. Thanks.

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If the stuffed animals in question are "special" and you really want to salvage them, try the following.

Remove stuffing and throw away. Mold spores are in and will remain in the stuffing. Not safe for your child.

Next, wash the animals using mold killing solution (maybe liquid Lysol). If animals are free of mold, re-stuff animals with new stuffing.

Doubt you will want to go to this much trouble.

I personally would buy new stuffed animals and not take the risk of mold spores still being in the animals. Health of our babies/children are more important than stuffed toys.

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I agree. Thanks everyone.

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anything that has had mold on it, shouldn't really be on a baby/child.

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