franci37September 28, 2007

Has anyone tried the new towels advertised on tv. I picked them up in Walgreens for $14.99. I'll try anything once just to see if it performs miracles. Okay...What's the big deal? Are these just pieces of felt or am I crazy?. I don't get it. They leave lint on everything. Sure they can be cut to size (they are huge) but what do I use them for? They don't absorb liquids like it says on the box. Really want to find someone whose tried them.

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No I haven't tried them but I thought they would be great for drying off the car after it's washed. Bummer that they aren't working like you thought. If nothing else, at least you can warn us not to try them! Thanks.

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I did try using them to wipe my car down after a rain just to see what it would do. They didn't even absorb all the water. I think the micro fiber cloths work much better, even for this job. I'm sure that I'll hear from others about them since they just came on the market.

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I just got these (luckily only purchased 2 towels for like $2 on ebay) and they do feel like felt. I tried wiping down the bathroom sink (after my husband brushed his teeth and of course left water everywhere) and nothing. It spreads the water around and the sink is still wet! I can't believe how these are advertised to soak everything up.

Don't buy these!

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Well, thanks for saving me some money! I had planned on purchasing these for use around the house & for drying my dogs after their baths... I'm glad I procrastinated! :)

How about the microfiber (I think) bath mats that they sell, are they any good... I usually dry in the shower, but my fiance steps out of the tub & drips water everywhere. Are these any good, do they actually soak up as much water as claimed? Thanks!

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I went and looked at them online...they look like the "Super Chamois" we bought at the state fair years ago, after seeing them demonstrated. They came in REALLY handy when we got water in our basement. They soaked up the water much faster than my sponge mop...and kept damage to a minimum. One key factor--you actually have to DAMPEN them first...then they become absorbent.

SO--franci--try dampening them and THEN see if they soak up the spills.

Also-- I washed my super chamois before I used them...perhaps that's why I never had a lint issue. Mine are at least ten years old...and still work.

Below is a link to the type of chamois I bought.


Here is a link that might be useful: Super Chamois

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I bought a new blue kitchen towel in Walgreen's for $1 - pretty good deal for miracle cloths. Super absorbant. I went back and bought all they had in blue plus a couple other colors, left some funny colors for you guys.

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These are not like a chamois. I still say they are large pieces of felt. I've used them for everything and I'm about to toss them in the garbage. I can't find any use for them. Not even good for wiping my little dog after being out in the rain. I have tried dampening them and they still don't absorb liquids. Really thought they'd be something great. Oh well, lost $ on that.

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Well I'm a nanny, and the kiddos always enjoy arts & crafts...

Franci, how about using them to make something for the holidays. hah. That's all they're good for it seems.

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I just came home from the store with these $14.00 for a big package. I decided to check you guys out before I opened them. Glad I did they're going back, thanks

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Usually I'm just a lurker, but decided to share my neat find. I got one at Advanced Auto Parts and it is the best absorbing towel/chamois I've ever come across. It is called The Absorber and cost approximately $10 give or take. It comes in a tube and they have many colors to chose from. You have to keep them wet, and they can be washed. They also fit right back into the tube when your not using it. I hope this helps, Jenny (I do not work for the company in any way, just love the product)

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I bought the Zorbees at Target...took them back for a refund! YUCK!
Monica (who LOVES her microfiber cloths!)

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I happen to like Zorbeez even though I didn't think I would. My 84 year old Mom lives with us and she looses her grip on everything. Zorbeez has saved my kitchen more times than not with all the liquids she spills on the floor and countertops. Yes, you do have to wet them first but I use them all the time. Also, I cut them into washcloth size and wash my dishes with them. Since I get an endless supply (thanks to my Mom) I can just throw them away. I really like them.

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I returned Zorbeez almost as soon as I got them into the house. What a waste of time and money!

Anyone hear of Sham Wow--tv infomercial material about a similar product: shamwow.com

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