Stars and Stripes

nana2010_gwJuly 4, 2013

When I learned of Jeanne's illness I wasn't going to post these pictures. I think it is really important, though, to stay positive
With that in mind I decided to show the pictures:
: From 2013-07-04 (by Eye-Fi)

I found the blue placemats at Big Lots. I had everything else. From 2013-07-04 (by Eye-Fi)

DD#3 made this cute little guy for her Dad years ago From 2013-07-04 (by Eye-Fi) From 2013-07-04 (by Eye-Fi)

Jeanne, you are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

Thanks for looking
and Happy fourth of July

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What a neat table, I like how you did EVERY thing!! Tho that red 'n white runner down the middle really sets off
the table in such a great way! Love it. Dang but you are good at this tablesetting stuff, LOL. ( I never could master it, even with all the great teachers and inspiration here.)

Jeanne knows how much you care, and how concerned you are, Nana. And I know she'd not want any us to 'think twice' before sharing any holiday or celebration stuff. If....when....she pops in to look around, she'll expect to see our gang doing 'their thing'! And it will be a great distraction for her too I imagine.

Under the circumstances, with all the worry for her, I know its going to be really hard to carry on as usual. I am feeling it myself when I post on Facebook or here.
But I think we must 'celebrate' Jeanne's spirit and faith, and make this a festive place for her to come when she feels up to it.
I know how she loves summer in Iowa, and her gorgeous gardens! So any pretty summery tables or vignettes, whatever, to keep us going thru the non-holidays the next few months, would be welcomed by her I'm sure.

We've alway had to 'work' to keep things going during summers, since so many are outside doing stuff. Posts usually consists of tablescapes or shopping finds. Hopefully that will be the case this summer too. Guess I'll have to do some shopping, LOL. I've been trying to get rid of some stuff instead of bringing more in lately.
So have avoided thrift shops. That's is NOT fun at all.

hugs, Karen

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Loved your tablescape. I feel all patriotic just looking at it. Made my 4th of July!

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Oh, nana ... your holiday t'scape puts a smile on my face! I've been MIA from here for some time & hope to get back to some indoor work when I can't garden.

Love all the linens ...the stripes down the middle, those placemats & napkins ... best of all is that 'cute lil' guy' that your DD#3 made yrs ago!

Oh gosh, Holiday-ers, keep on sharing! Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Nana...your 'Stars & Stripes' brought a smile to my face.
Love the bright patriotic colors . Those blue placemats from Big Lots are just perfect...never seen any like them before..and the cute Uncle Same your DD made is also perfect!
I understand you feelings about doing any tablescapes, but Karen is right...Jeanne would want to see us continue..and as she wrote...she enjoyed seeing this.
Thanks nana for once again keep us together.
Blessings to you...

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Looking very festive and patriotic! Just needs some Sousa playing The Stars and Stripes Forever March!

Love the new placemats and the runner like Karen said.

Lovely job as usual.


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Thanks everyone. It was a fun table to do.
Especially since I remembered to use Little Uncle Sam.
My Daughter got a kick out of it.
I am not an outside person
I plant flowers to have a reason to go outdoors.
So I have time to tables during the summer months.

Jeanne, I am glad you are enjoying your gardening.

Candy, I hope you will have some tablescapes to share with us soon. When you get a few minutes away from
Thanks again .

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Nana, you are so great about sharing wonderful tables with us. You seem to have a good collection of items you can pull out to use. There's just something special about a red, white,blue table, just makes you feel like celebrating.

I have been such a "DUD" for so long now, although I did do some decorating for little DGD's birthday in May and put out a few patriotic things for Memorial Day and 4th. My enthusiasm just isn't there anymore I'm afraid, but hoping it will return someday. I certainly spent many happy hours coming here and seeing everyone's creations and trying to come up with some of my own.

It's nice to be able to come here and see pretty things and get our minds off other things. Keep em coming!


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Nana, you've done it again. Love your table! I've got to get back to sharing again. So happy all of you make the effort to come here and keep this special Holiday forum active. It makes me smile every time I jump on here and see all the things to inspire me again.


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Thank you Luvs and Punk.
Luvs I hope you feel up to sharing your creations with us again.

Punk I can't wait for you jump in here with your wonderful tables.
We sure do miss you here.

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