Anyone have the Electrolux Icon All Fridge / All Freezer?

kpowersApril 9, 2010

I know there are a few posts out there about the Electolux 'twins', but I am looking for anyone who has purchased theirs in the last year or so. These units have gotten alot of bad press in the past (2007 and 2008), but they seem to have made improvments in 2009 models. I'm asking because I am currently remodeling my entire kitchen, and I really want to get the Electrolux Icon all fridge/all freezer set up and I do have the space.

Does anyone know if you can buy the 4" riser without the trim kit? If anyone has these units, would it be possible to post some more pictures of these in your kitchen? I am having a hard time visualize a 66" span of stainless. Does anyone have any performance issues to report?

Alternatively, I have also been considering the Icon counter depth FD without the water/ice dispenser (scheduled for release this month or May). As I said, I do have the space for the all fridge/all freezer, but it would be very helpful for me to reclaim 30" for another purpose. I just can't get used to the idea of bending down into a freezer drawer. I have used these in my mom's house and at a friend's, and they seem to go against my sense of order ie everything stacked on top of another. Does anyone have any thoughts, positive or negative, on either the twins or the FD, to help me in my decision making?

Thank you!

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Well, maybe you don't want to hear from me, since I've had 2 of the Electrolux ICON all-fridges and 1 all-freezer in operation since Feb they arrived here in Nov or Dec of 2007. So they're of the age you say had issues, but we've had no performance problems with any of them. And I love the look of the 66" span of stainless steel.

The only negative I can think of is that the drawers attach to the shelves, which clip into the fridge...So to take a drawer completely out of the fridge (or freezer) for cleaning, you must also clear off the shelf above and take it out, too...drawer and shelf as one piece. It's an inconvenience, but nothing that would keep me from buying these again or recommending them.

We didn't buy the trim kits. I don't know if you can buy the riser separately, but we did build a base for ours and raise them up off the floor so there is not the buildup of dust, etc. underneath.

Oh, the other negative...You can see in the photos that the grill underneath the door is white. We have since spray painted those with spray paint we got from the hardware store made for plastic patio furniture....a metallic gray so that they blend better. First, I checked with an auto body shop that was going to spray them for me for $35 each...but the can of paint was much less! ;-) I don't have any photos taken since we did that.

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Thanks so much for your input. I tell you, the sales reps don't know anything about these products. I can't seem to get an answer on the riser, but I thought from your pictures that you seemed to have rigged up something ingenious for the base. And, I am very glad to hear you have not had any performance issues. I, like you, would not be too bothered by the attached drawer to shelf. I just love the ability to have essentially 6 produce drawers :)

You're a smart cookie to paint those grills. Keeping them white is probably Electrolux's way of getting folks to by their pricey louvered trim kit!

Your kitchen looks great, btw. If I ever I finish this 3 year kitchen remodel, I will post pix with my 'TWINS'.

Many thanks again!

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Just another FYI...I took a shelf out of each fridge and have them stored. There isn't enough room for taller stuff with them all in. Most of the taller stuff goes in the door even with the one shelf taken out.

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rhome410, how much space do you have in what appears to be a passage way or hallway, where you have the set located? How wide is that area? Do you find it hard for people to get around when the door/s are open? In my new kitchen I am designing, I only have a 40" aisle where these would be placed. The fridge side would open up into the aisle and at some point, block traffic. But I'd still have room to open the door wide, take out what I need, and put it on the peninsula directly across from it. I realize I am violating a basic rule of kitchen design...btw :)

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We have 45" between the front of the fridge and the wall across from it. (There is more room in front of the freezer, because the wall jogs back for the pantry.) When someone is at the fridge, there is still room for someone to get by, maybe sideways if the fridge door is open straight out. But it's usually easy for that person to wait a second, or for the person at the fridge to move more toward the fridge and angle the door in a bit to make more room.

At least you have a 'landing space' for yours with the peninsula there. I am violating a big basic rule by not having something like that. ;-)

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Does anybody have a link to see the INTERIOR of the Electrolux Icon all Fridge? The Electrolux website doesn't even have a photo of the whole interior, just close-ups of details.

I'm trying to get away from a fridge that has lots of bulky plastic on the inside. If the Liebherr all fridge came wider than 24" that would be my first choice.

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AJ Madison has a good view. See link below.

Rhome410, any chance you'd be willing to snap a few pix of the interior of your fridge and freezer? I am still so on the fence about these units. No one has these in any showroom, so it's a buy site unseen kinda thing. Might have to go with the thermador columns. I just don't know. Also, just to confirm, are the exterior sides of your units all white?

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux All Fridge/Freezer

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Oh, I'm glad I happened to check the appliance forum today. I don't always. I will be glad to take photos inside my fridge and freezer. I hope they don't look too bad today! And, yes, they are white on all sides but the front.

It was seeing the inside in person that sold me on these units when I'd already written off the Frigidaire Twins because of too much plastic. Mostly glass and metal in these. I felt short when looking at the Thermador Columns...Wondered if I'd need a step stool to reach the top shelf! lol. But their price tag prevented me from considering anyway.

Back later with photos.

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I have to correct something I said in my last post. Taking a look as I took photos reminded me that the interiors are not 'all glass and metal' as opposed to plastic in the Frigidaires. I think the Frigidaires had wire shelves as opposed to the glass the Electrolux has and some other plastic looking components. These have glass shelves and metal brackets that support and hook them into place. (Referring to main shelves, not the ones in the door.) The drawers and shelf front edges are a nice grade of clear and white plastic.

Here are photos. Sorry that the freezer (1st photo), in particular, was not really photo-ready and quite messy. I generally have meats on one shelf, veggies on another, and the berries in the top drawer, but I can tell I have some reorganization work to do!

I think I said above that we took one shelf out of the fridge in order to get taller stuff on the top shelf. And we usually keep that bottom drawer in the fridge full of apples, not yogurt. The kids get creative with the use of the 'produce drawers' sometimes! ;-)

Let me know if you need anything else.

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More on the freezer:

Another possible downside...Related to cleaning. As I said above, it is a bit of pain that the drawers can't be removed from either the fridge or freezer without removing the shelf above it, since the drawers don't detach from the bracket. Only the glass shelf comes out to separate the drawer from being an integral part of the shelf. (Hope that makes sense.) Additionally, the freezer ones need to come to room temp before you can really clean them, since any moisture from wiping them will freeze on.

The other thing I just remembered while organizing and wiping down the inside of my freezer is that the wire tilt out baskets on the door don't seem to come out. This means if there are spills and crumbs under and behind them, you must work around the wire basket in the way to get it cleaned out. It also means, however, that the baskets are in there to cheap clips that will break and allow it to come out. I think if I wrapped something like a handle or spatula in a cloth, I could slide it under the tilted basket to wipe it out. If it needed scrubbing, however, that would be more difficult.

More photos of freezer...


Tilt baskets I was referring to:

Maximum tilt:

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Did you end up installing these units? Would like to know if you like it. I'm considering installing the all fridge unit, since it fits my opening space (35" W x 69 H). I like the cabinet look, but all of the fridge/freezer combos require 36" W opening.


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Hi miss_a,

I have not made a purchase yet, unfortunately. I put my kitchen design on hold once the summer hit - just too hard to do with the kids home from school. My current thinking, is that I would like to save the space in my kitchen and go with a 36" french door unit. But that could change! I keep flip-flopping. I will definitely let you know what I decide though!

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rhome, I just found this post again and realized I never thanked you for posting all those detailed pictures. You so generously spent time photographing and posting and then I just disappear.

Wish I knew how to better keep track of posts.

Thank you for your help!

For years I thought I wanted an all refrigerator and an all freezer. Finally though I've decided to get two fridges. I think that for me it will work out better to have one fridge for drinks, works in process, flours, nuts, seldom used ingredients, etc. The other fridge will have items my family will recognize as edible. I think I will get a small freezer which will go in the laundry room for bulk purchases (mainly meat) if I need more space.

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Bickybee, No problem! I go quite awhile sometimes without checking the appliances forum.

It's good that you're coming to what should be a good conclusion for yourself. The only way we could make this work for our crowd was to have the 2 fridges and 1 freezer. We're never short on fridge, but I could use more freezer at times...But not often enough to get one and try to figure out where to fit it!

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Rhome, and all others who added their thoughts to this post, just wanted to say thank you for your input. In the end, I have decided not to go with the all fridge, all freezer - mostly due to space. It was really hard to get to this decision, and I may regret it, but I am going to go with the elux icon french door without the ice/water dispenser and a spare fridge/freezer in my mudroom or basement. Thank you again for your help!

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Best wishes! No appliance decisions are easy.

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It seems that folks with the counter depth, french door models seem to be having significant reliability issues (mostly with water and ice dispensers) - have any of you had these with the all fridge, all freezer models?

How difficult is it to keep the stainless reasonably clean? I had my heart set on a fridge/freezer with custom panels but it's an area we are tring to save money in the kitchen (the Thermador would have been $9000 plus the custom panels, Subzero was over 12K plus the panels!).

Finally - I'm having trouble figuring out the difference between the Electrolux and Electrolux Icon models, other than about $450! The sales people haven't been particularly helpful either, they are just reading off the same sheet I am. Thanks for any input!

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We're considering the all fridge and freezer units as well. Any recent concerns with these? Hopefully the newer models are doing better...

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I just read through this stream of information, and it has been most helpful -- especially the pictures. Thank you! We have been looking at the Electrolux Icon all refrigerator and all freezer units to replace our ancient, ailing Subzero models. The Electrolux fit nicely into the same space AND are significantly less money, so we want to like them. It has been so hard to get current information on these models. Sales people as well as Electrolux customer reps have not been that helpful.

Any updated information on these models? Also, I'd appreciate any feedback on how long food will stay fresh in frig as well as freezer.


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Ours are still working fine.

I haven't looked at more recent models to see if they've made any changes that might make them any better or not as good.

Not sure how to answer about how long they keep food fresh. The temps are fine, so I think it depends on how the food was prepared, packaged, etc when put in the fridge or freezer?

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Thanks, Rhome. I think we are going to purchase these.

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Linda, I am looking at purchasing these Icon All Fridge/All Freezer units too. I am about a month away from purchasing. Please write back when yours are installed. I so appreciate reading this thread. Rhome, your pictures were helpful and may sway me into buying these models. Thanks.

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I purchased our Icon All Fridge/All Freezer around May/June, 2011. We did purchase the riser kit and I love the way it makes the unit look like one. We have had no problems with the units. Because of all the negative postings, I even placed thermometers in each unit to confirm they were each maintaining appropriate settings. We absolutely love them.

I was also really pleased with the distributor that I purchased these units from. They have a great show room in Cleveland, OH, and have been wonderful to work with.

I have a photo of the unit with the doors closed and one with the doors open. I haven't posted for a while and if you remind me how to attach a photo, I would be happy to put it on this forum.

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I apologize for not posting follow up sooner as this forum was most helpful in providing information about the Electrolux Icon units. We did purchase the all fridge and all freezer units about 2 months ago, and we are quite pleased with them. We installed them with the trim kit that fits the hole from our Subzero units, and it worked perfectly. Although the border pieces on the trim kit are thin and flimsy, once installed, that is not noticeable.

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We have had them for a few years now. They look great and overall i'm pleased we went with them due to the considerable cost savings over competing stand alone units, but..... I am also very glad we purchased the extended warranty from PC Richard. The freezer has been repaired 3x due to faulty thermostats. (we've had other problems with nearly every one of our Electolux appliances, especially the diswasher 6x it's been repaired!!)

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