creekdwellerJuly 8, 2010

Hope this works..

Here is a link that might be useful: Twins

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You did it . . . congrats!! Your twins are darling! How old are they? And, the pic of your backyard creek is lovely! That's one picturesque stream. I'm not asking for details, but where are you (state/province)?

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Thanks so much Lynn. Now if I can just figure out how to post pictures directly to the site. You all are so kind. The twins are almost three months now. That picture was the first day I got them. Haven't been able to keep them still long enough to get an up dated photo. Lynn we live in Mississippi. This is one of the major creeks in our state.

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I don't think I ever Welcomed you creekdweller...
It's been kind of slow here...but some of the group have been popping in and out. During this time, everyone gets busy doing lots of outside stuff. It will pick up again come Sept.
Anyway...your 'Twins' are real cuties..They seem to grow pretty quickly..and get into lots of (fun) mischief when they're that young. You must be enjoying them at this stage.
I agree with Lynn...that's quite a lovely and impressive backyard creek.


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Cute babies, hopefully they will have special traits so you will be able to tell them apart. Maybe that's not too important if they both come running no matter which one you call. I love that your pretty white kitty has a special pink bed too. ;o) Luvs

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