Difference between Electrolux Icon Pro vs Designer Rangetops???

Mom23EsApril 24, 2012

I'm thinking about getting an Electrolux rangetop. We need a 36" gas. Eletrolux makes two different gas rangetops.

Electrolux ICON Designer E36GC75GSS for $1,999.00

Electrolux ICON Professional E36GC76GPS for $2,699.00

I did the side by side comparison option on aj madison's website, and besides a few dimension differences and one being ADA compliant, I don't see the difference. In the written description, the Professional lists "Electronic Ignition/Re-Ignition" whereas the Designer just lists "Electronic Ignition" with no mention of re-ignition. Is that an added feature in the Professional series or is that just left out on the Designer's description?

Any words of wisdom as to why the professional rangetop costs $700 more than the designer?

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux Designer Rangetop

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I just wanted to add another link to the Professional rangetop.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux Professional Rangetop

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Mom23Es, I looked at those a bit and while both offer sealed burners, it does appear there are some differences.

The Elux Designer Rangetop has black ceramic glass top and may or may not have auto re-ignite burners [Electronic Ignition: Yes). I didn't download the specs .pdf under "Info and Guides" on the Designer to better appreciate if the auto re-ignite feature is present. You may well wish to as it's an important safety feature.

The Elux Pro range has a stainless steel platform; black porcelain-coated basins beneath the burners, clearly states auto re-ignite [Electronic Ignition with Auto Re-Ignition: Yes], and also states a 270 degree turn to their hardy Pro knobs, a number not stated on their Designer series. Black porcelain basins are nice in that spills are not as easily seen as on stainless basins; I can't contrast with black glass as I have stainless.

It can be tough to tell the differences sometimes. Opening up two windows and lining them up to each other often helps me. Opening up the .pdf may get you further details: I'd want to have auto re-ignite for sure.

Good luck in your choice and enjoy which ever you choose.

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I am running into the same thing with their cooktop. I confirmed and reconfirmed (twice) that it does not have auto-reignition. I am trying to figure out how important that is. My grandmother & mother lived without it. They didn't have the option like I do however.

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