Problem with Toilet Placement

ev2012May 25, 2013

Our plumber just completed the installation of our Toto Legato toilet in our new, totally remodeled bath. Problem is it is 2" form the finished tiled wall, which seems very far. Same toilet was installed several months ago in another bath, by same plumber, at only 1/2 " from finished wall. Another toilet was installed a few years ago in another bath at 11/2" from the wall and we were not pleased then. Why is this happening? All baths are complete remodels, same plumber, and we were told in each case o get a 12" toilet, which we did.

I think one inch is best, but don't know if this can be fixed nor why this happened. Since all baths were complete tear downs, with city inspections, and according to MA code.
What can we do now? I do not like the look and want to get this right. Final inspections is this week.

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There is likely a joist in the way to have it centered at exactly 12". Those are all within tolerances.

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I'm not a plumbing expert, but I just read up so I could pick my toilet recently. Is it possible you have a 14 in rough in and the plumber just assumed it was 12 when he told you 12? It's possible, 12 is overwhelmingly the most common. You may be able to get a 14 in unifit adapter from Toto if that's the case. I don't know how they work in terms of if they are rigid or more telescoping for length, but if they have some flexibility in length the 14 in might allow a good fit.

I'd at least ask, as that would be an easy fix if that's the issue.

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I bet kirkhall is correct. We also ran into a floor joist problem. You can try the unifit adapter, but if the 2" is actually slightly less than 2" it probably will not work as my understanding is you can only make changes in 2" increments.

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