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paulskorApril 22, 2012

Hi everyone,

Relatively new here, but I'd like to post another question. Originally I had posted to ask for an opinion between a wolf ag and ge cafe ag. I had decided on the wolf, but the remodel has turned up some unexpected costs. Imagine that. I now have $3,000 to spend, and that's it. We looked at a Berta this weekend, and while we liked the look, it was a little small, and lacked something's we would have expected (mainly a timer, something to let us know it was preheated, and having to leave the door open while lighting it). Not deal breakers, but wanted to seek the expert opinion again. My wife is not in favor of an nxr, so please do not suggest that. I don't want to start an issue, as I know there are lots of people who like them a lot. On our list would be the cafe (a little pricey for whatpercoeved value I see), American range (problems with service as I love 8 miles south of the Canadian border in the middle of nowhere), and the Berta master series. Anything else I should consider? I primarily do basic cooking on the cook top, while my wife enjoys, but is a novice at, baking. Thank you!

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I am in the same boat and am considering the Smeg 36 incher for $2599. Haven't seen it in person but will try to do before I purchase. The Berta rebate (with free hood or OTR) also seems a good deal at the moment. Reviews on the GE cafe online doesn't sound too good.

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You could look at the 30 inch Italian made Verona. I know you are looking at gas, but FYI, I believe the duel fuel even comes in at under $3,000. So logically the all gas should be less. Its available in a few colors. I haven't seen too many reviews on it, but saw it recently at a trade show and it looked well made.

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Bluestar RCS. Not sure of pricing but it will perform much better than the lower end Italian ranges. Good luck!

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Bluestar is $3,600 at my local dealer.

I should clarify my reasons for wanting a pro styled range.

1. Aesthetics - I very much appreciate the clean lines, and feel of having a pro range

2. Reliability - I have a fear, perhaps unfounded, that the electrical panels will eventually go out on a standard range with electronic controls. Is this reall warranted?

3. I'll be honest, I think I am a good cook, but really probably not. Any range I buy will be the best range I have ever cooked on. Even cheap apt electric ranges have made food I like to eat, so while performance is an issue, i won't push anything to its outer bounds.


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I just went to Costo's website in Canada. They sell the Bluestar 30 inch range for $2,399. The 36" model is $3,199. They even come with a couple of Bluestar cooking pans.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestar RCS from Costco Canada

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Will they ship to the US? While I am 8 miles from Canada, it iwould be through the boundary waters and quetico parks! :)

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The 30 inch RCS model is up to $3600 now?

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Correction 3999. Even worse. With new rebates I could get a wolf for that amount.

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I do think Costco Canada ships. I remember reading a post on their reviews and someone said that because it's so heavy it's best to just have it shipped to your home. I assume they are Canadian, but still, worth checking into.

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I'm going to look into that. Thank you for your help. Any other help experience with a berta?

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$2400 is not a bad deal for a Blue Star range! Why such a significant mark-up in the US market? Crazy!

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They won't ship to the us. Still at the drawing board.

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The Verona 30" is all gas with a timer. Comes in at $2300 in stainless and $2800 in color.
It's a great product sold by Eurochef, USA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Verona Appliances

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I have a friend with Berta and she loves it. She ans her hubby are into the farm share/locally sourced food thing and she cooks a lot. I was seriously considering one, loved the look, and especially loved that I could manually ignite the gas oven, as I live in a rural area and still have not recovered from the Thanksgiving I lost electricity before the turkey was cooked!

I ended up with a propane Capital Precision floor model for a steal, and I must say it is overall excellent range -- I love the power wok burner/grate and the burners are very responsive, from simmer to rocket ignition.

I am still learning to use the new to me convection feature, but it seems to me the oven does not heat as evenly as I would have wished, and the rack spacing is awkward. It is still 1000% percent better than the range it replaced so I am happy, and it is one solid hunk of range. Another bonus is the removable oven floor - an extra bonus for me as I am a habitual pie over-filler. I had the floor out for cleaning after the second time I used the oven.

Everyone who has seen it comments favorably. It is also a very simple range, which is good for me because again, I live in the boonies. If need be I could make adjustments to the burner, etc. myself. I'm not sure what the new price would be but mine came in at $1500. Good luck!

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Buying any range under $3k is like blindly tossing a dart. Spend more then $3k, and rest assure that you've grossly overpaid. There is no win.

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I just faced same decision. I ended up going with the Berta All LP Gas Master Series.
I love that I can light the oven when the power is out. I am not 8 miles from Canada, but I am in rural Maine. I don't think there is anything weird about having to leave the oven door open to light it, I actually think it is a smart safety feature.
The GE Cafe loses significant BTUs on the LP conversion. The Berta is made for LP.
The GE Cafe has alot of electronics which will in my opinion break and require service. The Berta is all mechanical.
I will use my Ironman watch as a timer which I do now anyway because it goes with me if I get called away from the kitchen.
The free hood(until 7/15) is a major plus.
Granted the oven is small, but my largest roasting pan fits in generously and my kids are growing and someday it will just be my husband and me and the smaller oven will be an Eco bonus.
I haven't gotten it or used it yet, but that was my choice.
PS If you get the GE Cafe with 2 ovens(which is the one I was considering), its large, lower oven is virtually the exact same size as the Berta's.

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