OT Karen

nana2010_gwJuly 1, 2013

I hope you are not near the wild fires.

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Hi Nana...
I thought of Karen too...but then saw
Karen posted on FB that the fires were in a small mountain town NW of Phoenix...
Such a tragedy for those firefighters...

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thanks Jane. I'm glad Karen is out of harms way
It is so sad, those firefighters were so brave!
My heart goes out to their families.

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Thank you for the concern. Even the occasional times wildfires reach the outer edges of the Valley (Phoenix is called the Valley of the Sun), I live pretty much in the middle area of town, so no worries about that thankfully.

But Yarnell... that is a tiny historic town and over half of it is now gone. And the fire is still out of control. Its less than 2 hrs from me, around 600 people live there, but it is literally steeped in history and a scenic place to visit.
There are stone monuments that are incredibly beautiful.
Not poured concrete stuff, real stones hand-built into amazing sculptures. I went there as a child with my Dad, took my in-laws thru there when they visited from FL years ago, and also have been there with friends. Tho I'm sorry to say its been a long time since I did visit Yarnell. The devastation is heartbreaking, and the 19 firemen who died is beyond words. The news has been
terrible today. Young men with families, so many little children now without their dads. I think all of us in AZ are still a bit shocked at the loss of so many so suddenly.

hugs, Karen

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