Anyone use Simple Green for Carpets?

fiveholetargetSeptember 23, 2011

Has anyone ever used Simple Green as a concentrate in a carpet shampooer? Did you like it?

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I do not know about Simple Green, however, most carpet cleaners will leave a residue that will attract dirt real fast.

Vinegar is good to clean carpet and leaves no residue.

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Your statement is not completely true. Many do not clean their carpeting properly. To start, they will apply too much or make the solution too strong. The dirty solution must be properly extracted from the carpeting. I have cleaned my carpets for years without residue. I have used different brands of solution, in my machines.

If there is anyone who cannot clean the carpeting or is not confident enough to do it, hire a professional to do it for you.

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I use vinegar and water. The smell disappears as it dries.

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Jannie what is the amount of vinegar to water, if I may ask. I do believe I'm gonna give it a try. thanks for your help.

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I have used simple green for spot cleaning. It does very well.
It will take up dried paint .
I did try it in the carpet cleaner , but I didn't think it did any better than anything else I've used.
I also have used vinegar and water. sometimes I've used it after using a cleaner to get up remaining residue of soap.

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