Backdraft damper?

pam71April 11, 2012

Just had new Modern-aire ps10-10 installed. When the Hvac person was doing the ducting ( which is a short run to the wall), he noticed there was not a backdraft damper and said all the hoods he has ever done the venting for come with one.. I called both my sales person from retail place of purchase and Modern-aire. This model does not come with one and they said I could order one to be installed but not needed? My hvac person would have to undo ducting to put it in. He was aware of this when he finished the project. Do I really need one? I live iin California and don't get real cold weather. Not sure?

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You certainly need one. Not just for air but also for insects etc. Very few commercial hoods come with them internally but they usually offer one as an external transition. I used a wall vent that had one built in for my modern aire hood.

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You do need one for the reasons mentioned. Does your wall cap have one in it? I have a roof mount from MA & it included a damper, but I put an inline one in anyway.

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Thanks for the info. There is only a screen on the outside wall vent, no damper. Will discuss more with my hvac guy.

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really shouldn't be a big deal to add one at the starting colar on the hood. I have one integrated into my roof mounted blower. However, I allot of cold air still coming in. Probably from the duct work being cold in the attic in the winter and convection. Thus, I added a Fantech 10" damper in the run from the ceiling to the starting collar. Or they can replace the outside wall cap with one that has a damper. Never saw a wall cap without a damper especially for a rangehood.

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