Considering a long trough with two faucets for master, thoughts?

dplawnerMay 10, 2011

I am planning to install a 36" or a 48" undermount porcelain trough with two faucets in our 99" vanity. I saw a picture and it looks stunning, but the more I read about resale value, the more I wonder if I should be installing two smaller sinks instead. What do you think?

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it'll work and it'll be fine.

if you rearranged your entire life thinking of future possible resale opinions at that time in the future, you would fail at everything you undertook.

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I think the only issue would be if you like to fill you sink with water for anything. For example, when I shave I fill the sink with a couple inches of water and use it to wash the razor. you could easily just run it under the faucet for a few seconds, but just a thought. otherwise I like the idea and we're thinking of doing this in our kids bathroom. Its a good way to fit 2 faucets into an area where you can't have a big vanity.

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I think it depends upon how both people use the sink and if they are doing it simultaneously, because it potentially becomes one sink. (The shaving example above is what I thought of). But I usually promote one sink/counter and a large mirror, so it could be does look good.

I don't know that a sink like this would be a deal breaker anyway because you could change it easily. An entire bath tiled in something one didn't like would be more of one.

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Be sure you have enough elbow room on the non-counter side. As far as two sinks or one sink with two faucets, I prefer two sinks. I can soak fine washables in one and still use the other or if one clogs, I can still use the other. I guess I prefer two DRAINS!! :) With respect to resale, I'm an avid watcher of HGTV House Hunters. I've often seen people note with disappointment when there is only one sink, but never saw anyone decide not to buy the house because of it. In your case, you will have two separate faucets--the reason most people want the extra sink--so I don't think you have to worry. Good luck!

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I like it.

Don't fret about resale value. Think about what your house would likely sell for, and then think about what it would cost for a prospective buyer to replace the sink with a double-bowl top if they didn't like yours. Nobody will not buy a house they otherwise like because they have to spend another few hundred dollars to change the sink.

And of course, it's very possible they will like your sink.

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I've seen a trough sink on HGTV, and I really liked it. Go for it if that's what you want.

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I say go for it! In fact, if I heard of it sooner, I may have considered it for the girls' bathroom. You can always get a wash-bin tht you can sit in the sink for the occasional delicates soak etc.

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We will be doing the same thing (whenever we get the money to do the bathroom, that is). Our reasoning is that I prefer to have the sink to myself most of the time except for possibly brushing my teeth, but my husband will benefit by having a longer sink as he tends to splash quite a bit. Of course my friends think we're nuts, but they often don't understand the aesthetics of it - it does look great! Do it! And post pictures, please! ;)

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I would also like to put a long trough sink with two faucets in my master bathroom, but am having a hard time finding a sink with that configuration. Does anyone know of a supplier/store/online that carries them?

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I think it would have all the charm of a 1960 buss station

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Another thought not mentioned is that I guess you would lose the ability to put drawers in-between two sinks and end up with doors instead. Just thinking about the storage options below.

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Ikea has some, like the one linked below. I think they look cheap, myself, but I have to say I tend to agree with lazypup about the whole concept, so if you like the idea it may be worth checking them out because you might disagree about that, too. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: braviken sink

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I think they are best done where there is limited room (like when you want a double vanity that is 60" or less long. I agree with the issues the posters above pointed out. Also, you lose the space between the sinks to put the soap dispenser and toothbrushes, or anything else that you might keep on the countertop that you both use.

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dplawner.....have you found an undermount sink that will work? I looked on line and most of the sinks appear to be mounted on top of the counter. I'm thinking this might work for our remodel too.

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Wet Style makes a 48' undermount sink intended for two faucets. There's also a 36' that MIGHT be just wide enough.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wet Style Cube Undermount

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It sounds very cool but something I personally would not like. I'm not posting to tell you my preference, just that although I'd change it, it wouldn't prevent me from buying a home. If that's what you'd like, go for it.

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