Small chip in new acrylic tub...what to do?

brugloverZ9May 8, 2008

I told my GC about this small chip I found in my new acrylic tub. He said he would have someone come out and fix it. I thought maybe there was a do it yourself repair. Anyone know?

Thanks, Margie

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If it's a brand new house let the experts come and repair it.

You will never know it was there.

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Anita...the house is not brand new...but the bathroom is.
You are probably right, I will not be happy unless it is right.

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I have basically the same problem, but after the repair I definitely know it was there. The chip is gone, but the repair guy sprayed on something that has changed the gloss substantially as well as the texture.

Not sure what the process should be, but this doesn't seem right. Shouldn't it involve some sanding with increasing grit numbers to get it smooth?

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The professional fellow came out yesterday afternoon to fix the dent. The chip is gone, like heimert said, but I too notice a different "spray look" texture in that area. The man said to let it dry for 24 hours and did not say he would be back to sand. So, I guess that is the way it is intended to stay. Actually you have to really look to see it. It is really not very noticable to me unless I really look for it.

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I have the same problem - a chip in my tub. But the problem is that we are DIYers - can this repair be done by yourself or does a professional need to do it? If a professional needs to do it, any recommendations in southern california? thanks!

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I heard that you can use something like a porcelain fixer kit, but that the patch may turn darker after some years. The fill that the professional use is like they use for fillings in your teeth...and they say it never darkens. Do a google search for a repair man for acrylic tubs. Mine was done in N. CA, let me know if you want the mans name and maybe he could recommend someone for you.

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