Shower enclosure issue where wall meets the floor

achiang0228May 26, 2013

After tearing down the existing walls in my shower enclosure, I found that in the original installation, the contractor put up the wonder board walls first, then poured the concrete floor, so now I have nearly a 3/4" gap between the stud wall and the finished floor. Should I just leave this gap there an bring the new backer board down to the level of the floor (Option A)? Or should I fill in this gap with concrete before hanging the new backer board (Option B)?

There are parts of the floor where the old backer board could not be removed, so I'm not able to push the new backer board down into the space uniformly. The shower pan membrane is under the concrete floor and extends up the wall about 8", so I feel ok if water gets into the space.

Ideas? Advice?


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there can be nothing gained by leaving a void anywhere in a wet area, you should mind leaving a gap. its just an opportunity for water to penetrate in between the membrane and cement. BTW did u use cement to pour the floor or did u mean to say mortar? either way, i would fill it and then make sure i was very careful with the caulk and use GE ten year mold free, its awesome...i promise.

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If you're tearing out the walls, then also tear out the floor. That is the major point of failure, and it makes no sense to try and save it. You need to learn how to properly construct a shower, because your drawings show several things that are big-time wrong. For starters, the liner needs to be installed on top of a mortar preslope, not a flat wood subfloor. The shower floor is then made of deck mud, not concrete, and it is also sloped, not flat. The backer board cannot be nailed or screwed through the liner at the bottom; the top layer of deck mud locks in the bottom of the backer board. I urge you to really research how a shower is properly constructed before you go any further.

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Deleting duplicate post.

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