How do I clean my Bluestone fireplace?

kaisermustSeptember 30, 2009

Posted this message on the Fireplace forum but got no response. Hoping all you magic cleaners can offer me a solution: Totally redecorating the living room. New paint, new furniture, new carpet but keeping 30 yr old Bluestone fireplace, runs the entire wall. But have two issues: (1) 30 yr old water rust stain on mantle from where original owner had plants where water spilled over (house had iron water). When we first moved into the house we tried everything to remove rust stain, hydrochloric acid, etc., etc. Any sure fire ways to remove this ugly 30 yr old orange rust stain from bluestone? (2) face of bluestone around fireplace screen has some soot built up over the years (not super bad but you can notice it) and fireplace hearth step is just plain dirty from 30 yrs use. What can we use on the bluestone to clean it??? Have tried spic n span and other cleaners over the years but still looks dirty. Suggestions, please. Want to do this before the new carpet is laid.

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I am assuming that there is no sealer on the stone...
zud or Barkeepers friend will remove the rust....make a paste and put it on the stain, let sit and rinse....repeat if it's not all gone.
As for the rest of the stone....won't something like TSP and a brush clean it up?
I think I'd have a wet/dry vac, a scrub brush and a good strong cleaner and have at it.
Linda c

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