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judiegal6September 23, 2010

I have used Dawn forever. I always buy the huge container at Costco. Now they carry the new "Dawn Advanced" it is suppose to have added enzyme for removing food from dishes. I much prefer the older Dawn, much better on grease. Anyone else notice this or is it just me?

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No I've never tried either. I like sunlight, but I know what you mean. Doesn't it always go that way--you find a product you like and they take it off the market or make it "new and improved" and it doesn't work as well. I wish manufacturers would leave the good things alone.

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Yes, Dawn used to be the best but not any more. They changed it awhile back and it is not as good... I went back to Joy. Cheaper and just as good now..... Our store often has it for $1.00 and I stock up..

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I switch around dish detergents-Joy,Palmolive, Dawn.Depends on price and availability. All work the same. I have a dishwasher so I don't hand-wash much of anything. For pots and pans I use Brillo pads.

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I'm waiting to see if my new Joy will flare up my ecsema (sp) the way Dawn did. Ivory was kind to my ecsema but my optomitrist recommended Joy for cleaning our glass lenses. I remembered that Martha Stewart uses Joy exclusively but not sure if that was the original Joy or the newer one.

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Yikes, I looked into this a little and I think that phosphates have been reduced/taken out of dishwashing liquid too!

I am so bummed that I didn't stock up on the old Dawn. It was the best.

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I used to prefer Dawn for dishe. But now I really prefer to use the orange coloerd probuct sold for hand washing. It contains a bactericide that keeps washcloths from souring on the sink between washes. I know, it is a chemical solution to an old problem, but if it is what makes Total toothpaste work, what harm is there in washing dishes with the stuff.

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UGH, Maybe there's still some old Dawn at the flea market booth! I'm so sick of them "impoving" everything so now nothing is any good anymore. Is it too late to stock up? I suppose it's all gone? I use the Palmolive Antibacterial one that's orange but I suppose the next time I buy some, it's going to suck! I don't like Joy though, I bought some expecting it to be just as good as Palmolive but it was way watery compared to Palmolive Extra Antibacterial. I'm going to try the hand soap idea! I have jugs of that stuff from a good sale I found!

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I saw what appeared to be regular old Dawn at Walmart. It didn't say Advanced or anything...has that one changed?

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I noticed the same thing (at Target).

I have actually switched to Costco's Kirkland dish detergent. It is not as tough on grease as the old regular Dawn, but most of my dishes aren't too greasy. It rinses really well, leaving very little spotting, which is great for me since I hate drying the dishes.

I've also tried Dawn Direct Foam. I would not have tried it because it sounds gimmicky, but CR rated it best. It is quite amazing! A TINY little dollop of foam cleans a whole bunch of dishes. The disadvantage is that you can hardly dispense a small enough pea to clean a dish or two at a time. The foam does stay on the sponge for later use, though. CR criticized it for costing more per tablespoon, but the volume comparison is useless for this product.

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My newest bottle of Joy has a little oval sticker on the upper body of the bottle that says "From the makers of DAWN".

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