Its Betty's Birthday!

PurplemoonJuly 6, 2010

Betty, I hope you (and Alfred) have a wonderful day.

Thinking of you with love,


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Happy Birthday to you and many more!

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Happy Birthday, Betty. Have a wonderful day.

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Even though I forgot until Alfred wished me a Happy Birthday this morning!
I got flowers for my Butterfly garden and DS and I are leaving shortly to go get some river rock to put around the garden. I'm not strong enough to pick up the size I want, but he is!!! Isn't it wonderful when you get what you want for your birthday?

I told Alfred that other wives might want 'diamond' rocks, but I just wanted plain old rocks!

I haven't done any new tablescapes lately. I don't come inside anymore! DS said the 'anymore' word!! I was going to say 'long enough to set tables'. Needless to say, we eat quick and easy dinners when I drag my poor, old, tired body inside.

I love y'all and I think about my "Peeps" everyday.

Thanks Karen and Frou for the wishes, now pray I don't throw my back out trying to pick up rocks!!!


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Flowers for the b'day girl...hope you are both having a good summer! Jeanne S.

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Yaaay Betty and happy birthday to you. You need to come in and rest more often :^)
Hugs to you and many blessings in "your" new year.

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Happy Birthday, Betty! I am so glad you are doing well.
It is a busy time of year, so many garden chores to do!
Many happy, healthy returns!

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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETTY...and many, many more to come!
Hope you had a wonderful day with Alfred and your family...
Glad all is well with you...Miss you


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A belated Happy Birthday, Betty!

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Another Belated Birthday Wish Betty..Hope it was the kind of day you wished for..

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Happy Birthday Betty! Sorry I didn't get here yesterday, but I sure hope you had a wonderful day and found lots of pretty rocks for your garden. Don't get so busy that you forget to come by and shout "Howdy" at us once in awhile okay, gal? Hugs, Luvs

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OA- I think we were both posting at the same time. Thanks. Sorry I missed you.

Jeanne- We are having as good a summer as possible. It's been so much hotter than normal here with no rain for so long. Finally got some rain last night, but not nearly enough. I've been watering my flowers at least every other day and they are still pitiful. Wish mine looked as healthy and beautiful as the ones you sent me! :)
But, we are happy and healthy. Blessed.

J- Thank God for Sundays! I take Sundays off from the garden! Thanks for my Birthday wishes.

Kathleen- Thanks. I still laugh when I remember you posting pics of your hydrangea blooms with the title of 'Big As Dinner Plates' to stay on topic!! So I know you understand my garden addiction!

Jane- Miss you, too. I had a wonderful day with Alfred on my Birthday and today is his Birthday and we've spent the day together, too. Vacation Bible School all day. A great day for us with all of the kid stuff keeping us young until we got home and fell into the bed exausted! Just can't keep up with those young'uns!!
We had a bowl of cereal for dinner! Sitting in bed. No tablescape!

Lynn- Thanks. I've got to check in more often to see your pictures. I especially miss the beautiful outdoor ones. I'll probably never make it there and it is wonderful to get to share the beauty through your eyes.

Creekdweller- Thanks. It was a wonderful day. Interesting name.

Hi Luvs- It was a great day. Picked up rocks 'till we couldn't pick up anymore. I still need just a few more.
When I get the garden in order, add a few more plants (and get some more rain) maybe I'll post a tablescape for the butterflies!!

I Love all Y'all and appreciate that you still care even when I haven't been here lately. Makes me feel GOOOOD!!


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I'm late as usural, but I am glad that you had a nice day. You sound likee my kind of person, I love rocks, and have a never ending argument with my DH.. He likes landscape timbers. Rocks don't rot and have to be replaced. I have always told him if he wanted to buy me flowers, I had much rather have a rose bush than a vase of roses that only last a week at the most. Again, happy belated BD.. Janet

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Late to the party, but want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday Betty. Glad you're spending time outdoors. The tables can wait, but summer is precious. Hope you enjoyed your special day.

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