creekdwellerJuly 11, 2010

This is T, he is 13 yrs old. He has no tail. The Queen of our House Swim Day at the Creek Oh, my. I did it. Sorry so big. Still learning. I do hope you enjoy looking at our family.

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Wonderful furkids. Did T lose his tail or is he a Manx?
Is the white kitty one of the kittens now? You make me miss having a white one, tho 4 cats is enough for now, LOL.
I'm still amazed hearing that Radio's former owner drove so far to bring him to you. What a great person, it must have been hard on him to let Radio go. He sure found the right home for his dog tho.
Wish all animals were so lucky.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I got T free at a garage sale. He was born with no tail, not even a little nub. His back bone just stops. He was the only black and white. All of the others where gray tabby with long tails.
We already had T when we lost Hotdog our white male. I declared then that b/c I liked cats so much,(I would bring home every cat I see), Mr. Creek says no, that I would stick to one "recipe". White with blue eyes. I actually have not seen that "recipe" in twelve yrs. LOL So, I stay pretty safe.
No Aike is not one of the twins. They are both boys, and will be three months old on the 14th. They are outside babies, at least when they are not "in the house". That makes four for us too. 2 in, 2 out.
Yes, we and Radio are very fortunate. I still keep in touch with him and update him with pictures. We have kind of adopted him and his family, by way of the net. They have two of the cutest little girls you have every seen. I have your same wish, that all animals were so lucky. God never gave me children, however, he has blessed abundantly with exceptional fur-babies.

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We love our furbabies, don't we? Your's look very well fed and "contented". I only have two dogs, but they have me well trained and keep me busy! Glad you're getting the hang of posting pictures. Luvs

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Luvs, They have us well trained too! They get fed whether we do or not. No one is skinny @ our house. I'm still working on the size of the pictures. I remember everyone talking about being on photo bucket and the whole world seeing our pics. What do you do about that?

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Creek, I don't mind folks seeing my Photobucket albums for the most part. But any albums I want to keep private, they do have a setting for that. But then you can't share it on here, it would just be for you. I have some private albums and sub albums. My dogs n cats are public for sure. I went ahead and made my family album public tho. I mean considering how many family photos are on the 'net now with Photobucket and Flicker and other venues, I just don't really worry that much about mine out there too. And the pictures of my son after he was burned were in newspapers and on TV across the country so they sure aren't private.

There are two resize features to use on Photobucket. Pull up your picture, and there is a box for resizing along the top of it, that shows up when you run your mouse across it.
The medium pixel setting is the best. Small is waaaay too small.
But that same box also says Edit, which I normally use. The resize in there lets you actually choose how your pix will look. You click apply and save changes.
The Edit feature has TONS of neat things to play with by the way! But always click Save AS if you want to keep your original one too.

hugs, Karen

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