I love Laticrete 255! It's SO worth it!

mahatmacat1May 8, 2010

Just a WIP post about the mosaic that ate Oregon, currently being installed in my DD's bathroom. I used 255, as Bill recommended, until I ran out (the tilesetter used it too for the tub surround walls), and then I tried to cheap out and use the Laticrete 'multipurpose' (not multipurpose pro, but I didn't want to have to buy a huge bag of it-- so technically the multipurpose pro remains untested) at Lowe's with latex admix instead. SO not worth the time. I would put it onto the wall and put the mosaic up (pieces vary from maybe 1/4x1/2" to 2x2") and the darn thinset would just sag down the wall! It was so incredibly frustrating.

So I gave in and ordered another bag of the expensive 255. Mixed some up, put up some mosaic this afternoon, and voila, I'm back in business! It actually stays where it's put on the wall holds pieces of any size that are put into it. Who knew that thinsets could vary so drastically...

So if you need non-sag, DIY-friendly thinset that won't make you tear your hair out (and make you look like Medusa in the process :)), shell out the extra $$ and get your local tile shop to sell you some of the real Laticrete stuff, specifically the 255. You will *NOT* be sorry. Thank you SO much, bill (and mongo, if you also recommended it--I don't remember) for recommending it.

Pics will be coming--in the midst of all this we had computer issues. I'm torn between letting you see the 'during' pics or waiting until the nice grouted and clean 'after' -- my durings are nowhere as clean as mongo's :)

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oh, "during pics" for certain!!!

I also noticed differences in thinsets... the expensive ones from the tile store were definitely worth it!

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I've used most of the non-sag thinsets available, and I've yet to see one that works as well as the 255.

I won't say I tolja so. :-)

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Hm, durings? Hm.....I'll see... :)

And bill, that's fascinating that other 'non-sag' thinsets don't live up to their name as much as 255 does. That's the kind of experience that sends people over to HD for 'whatever's cheapest'. But true professional Laticrete is used by *true* pros for a reason. You have to figure that *true* (vs. the other kind) pros wouldn't spend any money they don't have to in order to get a lasting, quality end product, but by the same token they don't want to be called back for failure from cheap installation. So I figure it's always safest to buy what the true pros, like you, buy...

I do think you might want to consider writing a book to help folks like us and to make sure other DIYers have access to some of the great advice you've given here and at JB over the years. Just an e-book, like another famous tilesetter...I think the world's big enough. I'd prefer fewer beer jokes than that other book, though :)

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