Poop in the Laundry!

momof3boys_2006September 6, 2009

My husband accidently opened a little "gift" sent home from daycare and tossed it in the laundry with everything else. Now, I can't get the poop smell out of the blankets, clothes, etc. Any suggestions? I really don't want to trash an entire load!

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How many times have you washed the items?

I would try adding something fragrant into the wash along with the detergent - maybe a half cup or so of Pine Sol?

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Try asking on the laundry forum. There are a lot of experts over there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry Forum

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Wash the stuff with an enzyme cleaner....something like Nature's Miracle....sold in the pet store.
And hot water and detergent should remove any odor....the reason it smells is it's not clean.
Linda C

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When I had kids in diapers, I found the perect laundry c;eaner for accidents, it's called Charlie's Soap. Expensive but worth it. Just google its name.

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This is a simple solution. Been there- my daughter is potty training! Take the clothes that have the smell and load them in the washer. Add a dose and a half of oxiclean. Soaking in warm water will work best as it activates the oxiclean and leave them sit overnight. If you want to use cold water you will have to put the oxiclean in some hot water. It is best if you let it agitate some to disperse the cleaner. Drain and wash as normal the next day. It worked great for me. Let me know how you do end up getting the smell out. I'm always open for new ideas!

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You can also try Borax and also Washing Soda. Both remove odors. I use both. Washing Soda makes thing whiter, too, but doesn't bleach out colors. Washing Soda is cheaper so I tend to use it more. Both are in the laundry aisle near bleach.

You can also use Baking Soda in laundry, but Washing Soda is cheaper.

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Wipe down all the gaskets and rubber surfaces with bleach and water as the smell can get on them and not rinse out as thoroughly as other surfaces.

Do you have a front loader? It's possible some of the "stuff" is still in the rubber catch thing in the front of the washer. Wipe that out with bleach and water.

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I have read this post but didn't have time to post. Clean your washer! To all of those who are reading this go to your washer and check them out. My parents owned 3 laundromats when I was a kid and when these mothers would bring the diapers in, as their washers didn't work, they would just dump the entire load, with the "Loads," in the washers. It was my job to clean them! You may have to have your husband help you with this, as it is a 2 person operation. This is for top loaders, only. You will see why.

If you own a Kenmore/Whirlpool, you will have the over- flow rinse where the rinse water drips from the top of the halo all around the tub. Pull the agitator towards you and see all of the crud which has built up over the years. You may need a paper clip to open the holes and then just clean up all of the lime deposits with Lime-A-Way or white vinegar and a toothbrush. You have to pull the post in every direction and that is why it is a 2 person job. Then just run an empty load with bleach.

If you have a Maytag, there are no holes in the halo. You might find a button or 2 or some calcium build up. With Maytag, everyone knows to clean the filter in the top of the post. You are able to see it and you just clean it out. Leave that out and take the next section of the post out. That is the second filter and it is always clogged with lime. Just soak it in vinegar over night and scrub it wih a toothbrush and you should be good to go. Do the bleach load, also.

If I had a Speed Queen, I would just buy a new washer. Unless the tub style has changed, the tub you put your wash in has another tub which surrounds it. There is space between the tubs and all of this crud sits at the bottom, and the water is being run through the crud. I bought a house where this was brand new, and gave it to a worker, as I knew, I would never use it.

If anyone checks the above, I would love to read the feedback.

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Am I he only one who used cloth diapers for my kids?
You dumped the solid stuff into the toilet. then put the diapers into a diaper pail...which was 1/2 filled with water and I used Snowy bleach, a dry oxygen bleach ...like oxy clean is today.
Every couple of days you would dump the pail into the washer and spin it out....fill and rinse....then add the rest of the baby's clothes, more snowy, some Dreft. Nothing ever smelled after being washed.

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Linda, that is also the way I did it. No smell at all.

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Linda, that's what I did, except I used Clorox. Those diapers were the cleanest, most spotless things in our house!!

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Linda -- another one here. I dumped the waste in the toilet before putting the diapers in the soak pail. I always used 1 cup of borax and 1/2 cup of Clorox in a 5-gallon pail, dissolved completely in HOT water before adding diapers.

I soaked the diapers in it 'til it was full, dumped diapers and soak water in the washer, spun the soak water out, then washed the diapers in hot water and Ivory Snow, with vinegar in the final rinse.

They always came out snow white and fluffy -- ultra clean. The vinegar was recommended to me by an Army nurse (my dh was in the military at the time) who said it would strip out all detergent so the baby's bottom wouldn't get irritated. She was right.

At one point, I had two babies in diapers. This routine worked exceedingly well with nary a problem. 'Course, I am really glad I was still in my 20s at that time. Had lots and lots of energy.

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Back on topic, OP:

If I were you, I would re-wash the load of laundry, using water as hot as the fabric will allow and Lysol concentrate (not the household cleaner -- link below), which is a disinfectant. I would also use vinegar in the final rinse. I have heard it also kills bacteria.

I would not put any of the laundry in a dryer until all the odor is completely gone. If you wish to use fabric softener, I would check first to be sure the odor is all out, then run an extra rinse with fabric softener.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lysol Concentrate

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I also used cloth diapers for my sons who are 9, 13 and 15 now.

I would dump out the "waste" then soak in the diaper pail in borax and water or washing soda and water. Every 2 or 3 days I would pour the diaper pail water out into the toilet, then dump the wet diapers into the waher and wash with Ivory Snow & washing soda. They came out very clean.

I got 20 or so dozen diapers FREE from a friend when a diaper service went out of business in my town. He was the lawyer handling the bankruptcy and he called when the owner needed to clean out the warehouse. The owner was giving away the diapers to anyone who would take them! So - if a diaper was too gross, I would just throw it away. Not to eco-friendly but better on my washer!

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