'Guardian' /shower guard anyone?

homey_birdMay 8, 2009

I am shopping for a 3/8" thick tempered glass shower enclosure with two sliding doors. The place where I got quotes from mentioned a "guardian shower guard" which is silicone-based material that is mixed with the glass during its making, that is supposed to protect the shower glass from stains and mineral deposits etc.

I imagine guardian might be just one of the many trade names and there may be variations of this product with other names.

I am wondering if anyone has tried it before and has any experiences (good or bad) to share. At about $12/sqft it is a pretty steep price, and I am contemplating if it is worth the upcharge.

Thanks in advance!

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Homey, my new bathroom is still a work in progress so I can't attest to whether Shower Guard is worthwhile, but I am planning to get it and would also love to hear from others who have it. You are right, it is pricey, but if it really works, it seems worth it. I was quoted a $500 upcharge for the Shower Guard glass by one place. (I am in Long Island, NY). My shower is going to be large-- 5x5 with tile on two walls, a half-wall of glass on one wall, and the fourth wall has a full glass 28" door attached to another half-wall of glass. The glass is to be 3/8" thick. I have been waiting three weeks for another bid from a different Shower Guard dealer I contacted (don't think I'll be dealing with him because he's not getting back to me), but although he was a Shower Guard dealer and said he could do the Shower Guarad if I wanted, he was pushing a similar product called Hydroshield, which only comes with a 3-year warranty as opposed to the 10-year warranty you get with Shower Guard. I prefer something that is guaranteed for a long time. May or may not be so, but I can't help but think that Shower Guard is better than Hydroshield, or why else wouldn't Hydroshield also give a 10 year warranty on their product if it wasn't just as good and long-lasting as Shower Guard? So, if you decide to get this type of glass, whatever the manufacturer, carefully check out the length of warranty that is offered and weigh it against the purchase price before you make a decision. Susan

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Bumping to see if any more experiences.

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Our glass place (GlassCrafters) uses Clear Shield (it is a coating that is applied, while Shower Guard is something added during the actual glass formation). I believe GC had used ShowerGuard, but stopped using it because they'd had some quality issues with it in the past. You can always call to find out for sure (they are located in Hackensack, NJ).

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I had a HydroShield coating applied to my glass shower installed in March, 2008 because we have very hard water. The coating did little (if anything) to protect the glass from mineral deposits, and it was impossible to remove the build-up with denatured alcohol and distilled water (the recommended chemicals that must be used so as not to void the warranty). There is a three year warranty, but labor is not included (the cost quoted was $125 per panel). The rep tried for three hours to buff it out, but could not. Instead, I installed a water softener and easily cleaned my glass with CLR, and now it is sparkling! I don't recommend this product.

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I too am looking at Shower Guard,....Hey Flyleft...you were getting shower guard..how did it work for you????

Anyone else?????

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Has anyone used Shower guard? Would you recomment? Need to order shower doors and not sure if I should spend the extra $350 per shower.

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