Sticky wood banisters

puggaSeptember 9, 2009

My banisters have some sort of sticky buildup on them. I've tried using orange cleaner, vinegar/water on them but can't get rid of the buildup.

Any suggestions? I'd like to try Restore A Finish after they're clean.

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It's hand oil and dirt buildup.

Scrub with fine steel wool and mineral spirits to remove it.

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Orange clean products will soften the finish...some finishes that is.
Fine steel wool and mineral spirits as lazygardens says will remove it but also the finish.
so when you get the sticky off, reapply a varnish amd throw out that orange cleaner
Linda C

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Thanks. Will give that a try.

(normally I don't use cleaners on my wood, just dust regularly. I just was at a loss as to what might get rid of the gunk.)

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My DH cleaned ours with plain dishsoap (grease-cutting) and water. They look like new!

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lol, I always forget about plain old dishsoap. Last week my husband pulled our freezer drawer out so I could clean up some drips and spills and I was looking under the sink at all my cleaners and I said "What should I use to clean it?" and he looked at me like I was dense and said "Hot soapy water!?"


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My black wrought-iron banisters get dirty and sticky, especially in the summer when it's humid. I use steel wool and undiluted Murphy's soap to clean them. I don't recommend MS for anything else. I tried it on my oak wood flooring and it left nasty streaks.

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My painter told me that hands leave an oily deposit on handrails. He suggested washing the handrail weekly.

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