Getting Rid of Smells in Furntiure

mzmrldaSeptember 19, 2009


I bought 2 wing chairs and a leather chair and ottoman off of a local website. I did not realize until I got home how bad the smells they were putting off. The wing chairs are fabric and smell like thrift store even though it was in a person's house and the other is a leather chair that smells like cologne. I am super sensitive to smells and its overpowering every time I walk in the room. How can I neutralize it? I used a neutralizing generic brand spray on the wing chairs and it helped some but the smell is still there, on the leather chair, I cleaned it with leather cleaner but it came back a couple of hours later. Help!

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Sunshine and fresh air! The next sunny day you have drag everything outside in the morning. Take it apart as much as you can (such as removing cushions, opening the recliner, etc.) and spread it out on your patio or on a sheet in the grass. Let it bake out there for several hours, all day if you can, and bring it all in again at dusk.

While it's out there, be sure to throw open the shades and windows in that room to air it out as well.

Professional cleaning helps, but I find good old-fashioned sunshine kills odors (and the bacteria behind them) naturally and thoroughly.

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Honestly, if you are sensitive to odors, you are probably not going to neutralize these odors sufficiently to suit you. Especially with the leather.

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Aside from airing it out and baking in the sun, try wiping out the chairs with a damp cloth that you soaked in water with laundry detergent. Repeat until you've wiped down the chairs. The last wipe should be a damp cloth or towel that you've soaked in fabric softener. This has a stronger smell and would make your chair smell nice. Then air dry under the sun.

If this still doesn't work maybe you could have it dry cleaned by a professional.

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HI, use Coffee

Ground dry coffee is a great odor remover. I've used it to remove musty odors in a cabinet beneath my sink. If the interior of wood furniture smells musty after cleaning, place bowls of fresh ground coffee in the drawers and cabinets. Allow it to absorb odors for at least 24 hours before removing.

Green Cleaning Services

Here is a link that might be useful: Green Cleaning Services

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