Happy Fourth of July!

kirkusJuly 4, 2011

Hi Everyone! I often peek in here on the Holiday forum to see what's happening and to get inspired by CREATIVE ideas! :o) Here is Bart, my chainsaw carved bear, who I've posted before... A student of mine gave him to me many years ago. He sits at the entrance to the road into our property. This is Bart this year...all decked out for the Fourth of July! Happy Fourth of July, Everyone! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Well isn't Bart looking sweet and ready for the big day. The pinwheels look great also. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Hope you and yours have a fun day.


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Bart looks very 'patriotic' & ready for a fun day! Do you remember ever tying those 'spinners' on bicycle handlebars? (an old memory!) Love this whole vignette w/your house number & birdhse, Iris, rocks & everything! TFS! Enjoy the holiday! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

I just love Bart! Happy Fourth to you and yours as well!

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Thanks, everyone! I almost didn't decorate Bart as on Friday I thought there wouldn't be enough time to enjoy the decorations...but then our kids gave me those puppy dog eyes they give me...and Bart was decorated! LOL :o) Jeanne, I remember those spinners! A fun memory. I was excited to find these metal spinners through Terry's Village. It was breezy here yesterday, and, boy, were they spinning! :o)

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Very festive.
Bart is certainly ready for the holiday.
I didn't decorate inside until last week and almost skipped it, but then I decided I just had to put a few things out.

Glad the kids got you and Bart in the spirit.


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Looks like Bart has become a 'Holiday Tradition' here...
He looks so patriotic...love the Pinwheels!
It's fun to see how he's decorated each holiday.
I'm glad your kids convinced you into decorating him...afterall, he's a tradition for them too and one the'll always remember!

Thanks for sharing Bart with us..Look forward to seeing him again...
Happy 4th to you and your Family!


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Bart is looking mighty festive in his cute hat. I too love the setting with him and the Iris and the birdhouse. I know what you mean about those little eyes--they sure make it hard to refuse don't they? Always nice to have you come share with us. Happy 4th!


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I thought I commented the other day, don't know what happened to my post.
Anyway, Bart looks very happy to be part of the 4th of July celebration. I love the pinwheels.
Mr. Moose in the background looks like he just came out of the woods to take a peek LOL.

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Well Kirk, I sort of 'missed' the 4th. No holiday here, my two oldest kids left for cooler states and vacations.
DH played golf. So I bathed my 5 whippets and little Zorro. LOL.

You know how much I love Bart, and love seeing him decorated all thru the different holidays. He's one handsome Dude! I'm totally jealous of the fantastic 4th your family had. Please adopt me!!! Oh wait, you did that, I just can't get to WA to firm it up right. ;o)
hugs, Karen

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The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. To my mind, you can have too much red, white and blue gooped up around your yard.

I'm with the kids: I would have had to "call you out" if you'd let old Bart miss the Fourth.

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