Water Stains on Limestone

GemsterSeptember 8, 2013

There are water stains developing on my limestone shower floor. The below picture is what it looks like after the tile is completely dried. When it's wet, the stains don't show up as much, but when it's dry they are very obvious.

Any suggestions on how to get it out?


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I found this list of urls with information about cleaning tiles. You might find your answer there. I hate tile myself, been there done that. It's more trouble than it's worth in beauty. If you ever get the marks off, a quick wipe down with a dry towel after your shower should prevent the spots from forming again.

I removed water spots from my shower faucets by soaking a towel in vinegar, don't remember if it was full strength or weakened with water. I wrapped the towel around the faucet and two treatments removed them. You might try a small area first with with an old towel soaked in half water and half vinegar.

Here is a link that might be useful: water spots

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