Buffet and TJ's High Chair

phonegirlJuly 24, 2011

Here's a couple pictures of our new buffet. We bought this for $125 from a couple DD knows who's moving to Hawaii.

Kath, sure hope you find what your looking for soon and hope you've had some time for a little R & R after your remodel.

I never thought about having to figure out what to put on it AND above it when I said I'd take it! With the heat control above on the wall and the cadet on the side "Oh my word" what was I thinking when I bought this.

So I hung my sign "Chocolate Makes My Clothes Shrink" (which it does) and placed a swag above it to share a picture here. I wanted to hang a mirror above but didn't have one on hand that I wanted to try.

Here's TJ in her new wooden high chair. I found this hc at a ys for $10. The tray was cracked in half so DH glued and clamped it back together. What can one expect for $10, right? We never did go look for DH's from his childhood and now probably never will.

TJ's complaining, she's been sitting here for days. She's hungry and there's still nothing in her bowl. Jeanne, she will probably want to live at your house permanently with her sister before long. I must be like the stepmother.LOL

Hope your all staying well during this heat. We are suppose to be in the 90's tomorrow.


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Punk Your "new buffet" is Lovely.
TJ's high chair was a lucky find.
She does look anxious to get out of it though!!
The heat and humidity have been awful here too.
We are supposed to get some relief today for a few days.
Here's hoping.

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Punk...I agree with NanaK. Everything looks lovely.

We still have 90 degree weather here, but it finally rained last night and that should help things a little.


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Punk, Your little gal looks so cute and what a neat high chair you found! Either dish up some food for that little gal or let her go play, okay? LOL

Nice find on the buffet. Love that it has such a cute drawer too. You will enjoy having the extra display space too.

Nana and Marylee, I have forgotten where you both live. Here in so. Ca. our prediction is for the low 90's today so I'm not going to complain too much as long as we stay below three digits--but I really prefer the 70's and 80's! Was thinking we should go see a movie this afternoon, and it's always cool in there!


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punk..wow, that buffet is lovely! What a deal & it looks like good storage doors in the bottom...you'll have fun looking for the perfect mirror for it...that will be beautiful! I like the 'fix' you used to fix it up for now...we all need those 'chocolate fixes!' LOL! I love those lamps & your candlesticks/candles & touches you added.

& TJ looks really cute in her GS high chair! Looks like a nice one...& the tray is good size. Bet you'll be watching for TJ t'scape items now when you're out thrifting & such! Anyway, I do ...crazy woman!!! LOL! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Luvs, I live in NE Pennsylvania. We normally get a lot of hot and humid days, but nothing this extreme. I'm trying not to complain too much, but it really is draining. Oh well what can you do?

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Marlene Kindred

Such a pretty buffet! Love your display too! Your doll has her hands out as if to say "When is dinner time?" Too funny! She looks so life like too!

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That buffet is gorgeous. You are going to have so much fun decorating it. The chocolate sign is too true!

I agree that TJ seems to be asking for her dinner! LOL
I love the carving on the high chair, your DH did a super job repairing the tray. Now you need to get her some tray decor like DollBaby's. LOL


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Punk...what a beautiful Buffet - I would have snapped that beauty up with out hesitation - brought it home and then thought about it too - just like you. Beauties like that don't come along that often and for that price.
You'll have fun putting displays on it, and we'll all get to enjoy seeing what you do!
Little TJ's high chair is another beauty and your DH did a great job on repairing it...another fabulous buy.
She does look rather sad with that empty dish in front of her and her hands out pleading for food! Gosh Girl...how can you stand her looking at you with that sweet face and pleading eyes ?? Even if it's 'play food'..give that little darling something..I'm sure your DGD could find something that would make her happy !!! LOL

I can tell, this is going to be another fun project for you...and us!


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Tj is so sweet. be a good mommie and give her some ice cream to cool her down in this heat. Your buffet is great. IVe always found moving sales to be good . My DDiL has found great things, but then she lives in an Air Force Base community where people are always moving. Not a everything thing here in my county. People seldom move here. That high chair was a real find too. TFS Janet

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DD ended up in the hospital yesterday morning so I couldn't get back here to comment. She has streph so bad she couldn't breathe so they had to tube her and then put her on oxygen. She is doing well today and hopefully it will clear up soon.

She had her tonsils out when she was a junior so she didn't think it could be streph so she dealt with a sore throat for a day or so before she could no longer bare the pain.

Thanks so much everyone for all your comments on TJ and the buffet. I will come back and comment and post more pictures of my table and TJ in the next few days. I'm so tired and need to head to bed tonight.


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Oh, dear!
I was all set to comment on the buffet and dollie(which I adore, by the way), and then I read the last post. Gosh, I hope everything is clearing up. Do keep us posted.

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Hugs to you & DD, punk...will be thinking of you both...take good care. Jeanne S.

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Punk, I hope your DD is doing a lot better! That was a terrible infection to send her to the hospital. Scary.

Your buffet was a wonderful buy! I know you will really enjoy decorating it. Its sure a pretty piece!

Speaking of pretty...Miss TJ is that and more. I was so glad to see her again. She's too sweet to 'complain', but it does look like she wants something besides an empty bowl. ;o)

Take care and sending good thoughts for your DD.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks for the well wishes for DD. She is better but had to go back to the doc for more medicine. I think she needs to slow down and eat more.

Thought I'd better get some more pictures posted tonight while I have the time. I set the table with my chili pepper placemats and napkin rings since some are harvesting already. The small bowls and gr flatware were ys finds that I shared with you earlier this year.

DD brought TJ a high chair cover that was DGD's. I found one of DGD's treats for her bowl. I had bought this sign for DGD but thought it would be cute above TJ in her high chair.


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punk...glad you added to this post & happy to hear DD is doing better...it takes time to get built back up...hugs to you both.

Love your VIVID hot peppers t'scape...like the Red & Black combo esp. ... & your stacking in each place setting is so cool! Those square plates (colors) really catch my eye & look great w/pepper placemats! Pretty little bowls, too.

Oh, & TJ just looks so cute w/DGD's accessories & that little puppy to keep her company! TFS, punk! Jeanne S.

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Trying again For some reason GW kicked me off.
Using your clili pepper placemats are the perfect backdrop for the brilliant red napkins and subtle green of the square plates and glasses. That with the black candle holders and vase make a stunning table.
Little Miss TJ looks comfy with her high chair cover.
Her treat looks yummy I bet she will want to share it with her new puppy!
I really enjoyed your post Punk,TFS

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Thanks Jeanne and Nana for all your sweet comments on this table. I have another project we're working on so will be sharing if it comes together. I'm sure you will all think I'm nuts when you see it.


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Punk...glad I checked back on this post..I didn't realize your DD was in the Hosp - (been away)...I'm glad to hear tho that she's doing much better. The worries over your kids never ends no matter what their age..

Love your 'Hot Pepper' tablescape..Very striking colors. Those placemats look great with your napkins and your layered dishes. (love the bowls)... I also like the two color combo of your glassware.
TJ is looking mighty pleased with her new accessories and dessert. Her cute puppy looks like she's begging for TJ to share!!


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So glad DD is doing better.
Love the buffet and TJ is just a beauty!

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Jane and Kathleen, just found out that DD has something going on with her kidneys. She doesn't drink alcohol and never has. They say it's from working out and running 5 miles a day so we'll see what her doctor suggests. She's so skinny and loves to stay active. I think she eats to healthy if that's possible.

Thanks for the comments.


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Punk...Could be Stones...I've been plagued with them since my 20's..and will be going into the Hosp this week for another bout to remove them..
Does she drink lots of water? That's my main problem - I don't drink much water...
I hope with your DD it's nothing serious...
Please keep us posted...Will keep her in my prayers..


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Yes, added to prayer list, punk...&
Jane...will be thinking of you, too...not fun to go to the hospital...but worth it when the pain is gone! Jeanne S.

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