Recent Finds & Fourth of July

homersgardenJuly 13, 2010

Here are a few of my recent finds I would like to share since I am so excited about them.

Here is what I believe is an Italian pitcher (has Italy on bottom). The pitcher was $3.25 The bunnies are Studio 56 and were $1!

These are set of candlesticks I got at Goodwill. I paid $6 total. There is also a closeup of my napkin ring that sort of matches the pitcher. I paid $7 for six of these. I love them!

a href="" target="_blank">

Here is a picture of my Fourth of July window...better late than never!

And a picture of the banner I made...

The cards on the mantel are from my husband's birthday...a tradition to leave them up for a week or so!

Finally, I recently did 25 arrangements for my brother's wedding reception. Here is a picture of one of the table arrangements. I am glad that is over.

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Oh, I can relate to the excitement. You did a very good job shopping. Very excited for you. Love the white pitcher. Absolutely gorgeous! Love all the white. I'm kind of getting into white. It is so clean, elegant, looking. Great job on the 4th decor, love the red teapot. Happy belated birthday to your husband. What a beautiful floral arrangement. You are very talented!

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What beautiful white pieces, I really love the pitcher. Your 4th decorations are too cute and what a lovely window to display them. Those flowers are to die for, please don't tell me you grew them too. Great job.

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Wonderful finds, all are so pretty! Love those bird napkin rings especially. Very festive decor for the 4th, did you make the banners? They are really neat. Love your flag box also. Thanks for sharing your decor and great finds with us. ;o) Luvs

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You ought to be excited!! What amazing finds, and prices!
I LOVE that pitcher (and of course the bunnies). AND the candlesticks and bird napkin rings! GREAT stuff. You sure hit a jackpot. I'd have bought every bit of it myself and howled with glee all the way home. LOL.

Also glad you showed your 4th decorations. Your bay window turned out so pretty. I have a similar one and love to decorate it, when the cats let me share their favorite spot that is.

hugs, Karen

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Great finds! I love all the white pieces and the flowers too! and your window decor came out great!

I'm LOL at Karen's remark... I haven't been able to use any of my windowsills since adopting 4 cats from the Humane Society!

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Wonderful Fourth of July decs, HG! Your mercury glass candle holders work great with the blue . . . nice idea! LOVE, love, love your flower arrangements!

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I agree...wonderful Fourth decorations. Great display on your Bay Window. I too love the flower arrangement..
The floral selections are absolutely beautiful!

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I love that pitcher! It is just beautiful!
And the flower arrangements are gorgeous!!!

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Pretty pretty whites!!
Such lovely pieces you acquired.
I love your window as well. What I'd give to have a space like that to work with (however I'm sure the fur-boys would protest me for it if I
Beautiful floral arrangements as well. I'm impressed!!
I know what you mean by being glad that particular chore being behind you though.

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Some very elegant pcs for t'scaping! Definitely bargain prices! And your floral arrangement is lovely...a GOOD sister! (lots of work!) TFS! Jeanne S.

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