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erdnussSeptember 4, 2008

My husband and I have a small toaster oven. Unlike most folks, we don't have any problems with keeping the inside clean. Instead, I am having problems with the outside of it. My husband and I have both accidentally left items on top of the T.O. while we were baking in it. The T.O. is white so whatever was left on top, left a "stain" on top of the T.O. I've tried a mild cleaner (I can't stand bleach or other really strong cleaners so I try to avoid them). That didn't work. I tried scrubbing it, nothing happened. I have bleached it several times, once I just sprayed the bleach on and then wiped it off, nothing happened. A few other times I sprayed it on and let it set before rubbing it off..still the stains were there.

I have been wanting to buy a larger toaster oven which means I will be selling this one. I was hoping to get the top cleaned as best as possible because if I can get the stains off, then it will seriously look as good as new because that is the only part that doesn't look "new" due to the stains.

So any help would be appreciated, thanks :)

And if nothings, it's not a huge deal, I was just hoping I could get it cleaned.

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I set a loaf of bread in a plastic bag on my toaster oven. Yuck-melted plastic stuck to the toaster oven outside! Months later, I unplugeed it, took it outside and really went at it with a wet Brillo pad. First I shook out all the crumbs,amazing I had never had a fire since I use the toaster oven almost evey day, then I Brillo-ed it. Took a lot of elbow grease but I got it looking shiny almsot new. Good luck. By the way, the Brillo also removed most of my nail polish!

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I would try Kaboom on the top with a scrub brush. Not a hard bristled one, because I don't know if the T.O. has a coating that could be scratched. Kaboom is meant for the bathroom but I have used it on ugly stains on my linoleum floors and it's wonderful.

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Not an answer to cleaning it, but instead of worrying about cleaning the top off to sell it, donate it to a charity, you can use the donation as a tax deduction. I don't think you would get too much money selling it, so this is a good option instead of spending lots of money on cleaning products.

Good luck!

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I won't spend money on cleaning products unless I know I will use them on other things also. I've mainly been hoping to find something that might help. It's really hard to describe the stain. What the first two said sounded like their way would work more for something that was stuck on in a sense that if you ran your hand over it you could feel it.
The type of stain I am referring to is like when you lay silly puddy on newspaper. It picks up the ink exactly like it looked on the paper, but it changes nothing on the silly puddy. It still has the same texture and everything. Just the coloring is different....
My T.O. is still shiny and smooth up top, you just see a distinct coloring imprint of stuff on it...

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I would try Soft Scrub with Bleach. Between the friction of rubbing it on and the bleach, maybe the stain will disappear.

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I'll try that, thanks :)

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