Ge advantium conundrum

Teehee1984April 20, 2014

I am in the throes of planning a much-needed kitchen remodel that is now 2.5 years overdue (....when my ge double wall oven went belly up)

I don't really need a double oven, although on occasion it has been really nice. I also like the height of a wall oven and I'm not ready to go for a slide in. ...So that leads me to the speedcook option over a traditional/convection wall oven. That fits my needs and space restrictions.

Problem is, if I do the advantium (which seems to be the overwhelming favorite in terms of speedcook ovens), then I am stuck with putting a matching ge oven below it. I was thinking ge monogram/pro,but I am afraid the ge monogram will be junked in 8 years (that was the planned lifespan/planned obsolescence of my last ge oven, as it turned out).

In that case, I am better off spending $1000 more and getting a wolf to be put under wolf's less favorable convection microwave (just a souped-up sharp microwave) or the miele. In the long run, that would probably be cheaper.

I do a lot of cooking and baking. .... But ovens should be engineered to last more than 8 years. Such a waste - this practice of planned obsolescence. It seems better to pay more upfront than to fill our dumps with these junky appliances.

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It's hard to say. I loved both my Advantium and my Monogram oven, but only owned them for 6 months before my house burned down (not the fault of the oven). Based on what I've seen here and on other forums, it seems like all appliances are a roll of the dice in terms of reliability so I'm not sure anything is going to be significantly better or worse. I would say to go for it, but I don't have that sour taste in my mouth from junking another oven. The Monogram you would buy tomorrow is certainly going to be different than the one you bought 8 years ago. Good luck!

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You do NOT, necessarily get a longer lasting oven by buying a more expensive one.
Just do a search for porcelain problems, some of these ovens are only 3 or 4 years old, and some even brand new, (just a few months old).

In my rentals, I just bought the inexpensive "everyday" type ovens, no fancy blue porcelain, no fancy electronic controls, and they last for years and years and I never hear from the tenants~~~in fact they last so long, that I'm not able to tell you if the newer inexpensive ovens are as good as I haven't had to buy any~~~~sorry about that, but my main point is, more money does not guarantee a longer life oven, and indeed just the opposite may be true.

Having said that, of course, like many others here in Garden Web, I wanted something a little "Nicer" than just your basic oven. As we had our old kitchen since we bought the house new, 1975, I threw the budget "to the winds"~~~whatever we wanted, we would get, price no object.

Well we settled on the Electrolux oven and speed oven, and in 7 years, both have been trouble free, and perform as we expected them to perform, and the beautiful blue porcelain in the oven has NOT been a problem, but we DO NOT self clean the oven. First, I don't want to give the money it cost to clean the oven to our Greedy power company here in S. CAlif.
Second, as retired Electronic Engineer, I know that heat and Electronics do not "Co-Exist" well, and since the bottom of my oven lifts out, it is very easy to clean.

Unfortunately, Elux discontinued the removable bottom in their ovens, and guess who picked up the idea with their new, (but not yet released) ovens? Course the other manufacturers copied Elux's ball bearing fully gliding out shelves too.

So, if you must have the "fancy stuff", I would wait until the new Wolf ovens come out, or look at the current offerings from Elux and Bosch~~~~~most still get pretty good reviews here in Garden Web, as well as Elsewhere.

You could go Miele too, but unfortunately, Miele has left some oven owners "Stranded" with low temperature oven problems, (see the recent posts), but another poster claims to have called Miele, and said, "Miele acknowledged the problem and said it was fixed"~~~~~paraphrasing
We have also not seen any recent posts about the performance of newer Miele ovens, (Less than 2 years old), so this could still be a crap shoot making this selection. I did do a lot of googling of Miele oven reviews, they were very scarce, Yet it is easy to find positive reviews of the Bosch Ovens????? Go figure!

Anyway, good luck on your hunt for an oven that will last 8 years, (especially if you self clean it)!


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This thread has some pictures of a Monogram Advantium over a Wolf E oven. The "professsional" styled version of the Monogram Advantium would even have the silvery control panel that the standard rather than the darker one in the standard Monogram shown here, although the thicker doors and handle may or may not have looked as good with the Wolf.

Here is a link that might be useful: What wall oven to go with Advantium?

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