finally...our completed masterbath! many pics

treasurethedayMay 15, 2012

Just over a year ago, we decided it was time to transform our masterbath from a plain and pathetic 1980's white box into our own private sanctuary. We had a few specific goals as we started out, most importantly to: (1) create a separate water closet, (2) split our shared vanity into His and Hers, (3) bring some architectural interest into the room and (4) layer the lighting to create ambiance. My husband and I designed the room ourselves so it is particularly satisfying to see the end result.

We acted as GC throughout, hiring many of the skilled trades from our connections as commercial property owners. My husband did much of the work himself, including virtually all of the electric, a full Kerdi shower and Ditra floor. There were numerous complications and setbacks that caused the project to grind along slowly. My husband was only half joking when he sometimes threatened to drywall off the doorway and forget that the room existed.

We still have a few details to finish (some missing crown molding on my cabinets, towel cubby shelves, etc.) but I just couldn't wait any longer to show you our space, to thank you for all of the help along the way, and to offer to answer any questions you may have.

First, the before pictures:

So, that was our bathroom for nearly 19 years. Lots of space and potential... just waiting.

We gutted the room, taking it down to the studs and floor joists. We replaced a pair of casement windows with a pair of double hung windows to allow us to open windows while retaining our privacy. Every single water supply and drain was moved. I lost count of the number of electrical circuits but there are at least eight dimmer switches in the room now! Along the way, we decided to expand the water closet to allow for a sink by taking out our hallway linen closet. (This linen closet is now being built in an adjacent guest bath as part of our next bathroom project!)

I apologize for the many pictures to follow but, once I started, it was hard to stop!

Eliptical arch and columns as architectural details:

Hers Vanity:

His Vanity:

Water closet & vanity:

Tub area:

Towel cubbies:

Heated floor:


It won't be everyone's taste, but to us, it was mission accomplished!

Here is a list of our sources and materials:

Paint colors: Sherwin Williams ~ Kilim Beige, Nomadic Desert & Divine White (I'll have to check with my painter for the precise color percentages and locations of each color because we made several changes along the way!)

Whirlpool/airbath tub:

MTI ~ Harmony (#AU-85) (Biscuit)


Custom Amish built (solid cherry)

Chandelier: Pottery Barn ~ Clarissa

Sconces: (Hers) Justice Designs ~ Veneto Luce Capellini (Brushed nickel w/ white frosted glass)

(His) Justice Designs ~ Rondo (Brushed nickel w/ white frosted glass)

Vanity light: Justice Designs ~ Rondo (Brushed nickel w/ white frosted glass)

Faucets: Sigma ~ Alicante (Polished nickel)

Rain showerhead: Jado ~ Traditional rainhead (10") (#860/110/150) (Polished nickel)

Regular & handheld showerheads: Sigma (Polished nickel)

Electronic shower valve: Moen I/O Digital (Satin nickel)

Sinks: (2) Toto ~ Rendezvous (#LT579G-12) 17" x 14" (Sedona Beige) (With Sanagloss)

(1) Toto Undercounter Lavatory (LT577-12) 15" x 12" (Sedona Beige)

Toilet: Toto ~ Guineviere (Sedona Beige) (With Sanagloss)

Porcelain tile: Edimax ~ Materia Forte (Bronzea)

Deco accent tiles: Edimax (Travertine)

Base molding ("skirting"): The Tile Shop ~ Travertine ~ Bucak Lt. Walnut (honed finish)

Heated floor: NuHeat custom floor mat system

Granite: Moxuara 3cm

Shower door: Custom frameless with polished nickel pivot hinge

Shower door handle: U.S. Horizon 10" ergonomic handle (#HY-10BTB-PN) (polished nickel)

Vent fan ??

Towel Warmer: Runtal ~ Solea (#STRED-3420) ( Satin Nickel R640)

Water Closet

Solatube 10"

Fiberglass columns: Crown Column ~ Plain tapered 8" x 66" (trimmed) with attic base

Cabinet hardware:

Drawer pulls: Restoration Hardware ~ Mason 4" pull (polished nickel)

Cabinet knobs: Schaub ~ Empire (#882-pn) (polished nickel)


Plunger & toilet brush: Restoration Hardware Polished nickel

Countertop accessories: Target ~ Fieldcrest Luxury Glass & polished nickel?

Tissue cover: Bed, Bath & Beyond ~ Nottingham Polished nickel

Feel free to ask any questions or let me know if you'd like close ups of anything specific. I've received great answers to the many questions I posted and have read nearly every post over the past year, learning so much from all of you so I'd be happy to help if I can.

We're already on to the next project, our teenage son's/guest bath. We have promised each other to keep this one much more simple... we'll see!

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Hmmmm... My vertical pictures are appearing sideways now although they were rotated in Photobucket and were fine here when I first posted. When I open the Photobucket album, they look normal. I'm not sure why that happens.

Could someone let me know if you see all of the pictures oriented correctly?


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That is impressive, you guys did an incredible job! And all of the photos are normal.

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Don't have time to look it over completely, it will have to wait until this evening. But I wanted to tell you that your new bath is very elegant and what a transformation! I think you did a wonderful job with the colors and materials. YA!

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Wow! You did an amazing job. There is nothing better than being finished, eh? We are in the process of doing a bath... and I can SO relate to the never-ending feel of the project.

We're having sconces through our mirror like yours, and I'm having a hard time picking something. Yours look great-- really suit the cabinets and room style. Thanks for posting all the photos! Congrats on being finished!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Bath Renovation

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Beautiful!! That was a LOT of work! I love your cabinets. And everything else!


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Can't believe that is the same space. You and your DH should start a bathroom design business. Not only is the design great but your finishes are beautiful too.
Oh and since you asked many of the pictures were sideways but it didn't matter. I could still see how gorgeous your bathroom is.

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Congratulations on a job very beautifully done! I feel your pain from the process and your elation at completing it!! Very impressive transformation, and knowing that you were your own GC, I am just that much more in awe! I am happy for you and hope you enjoy your sanctuary for many many years to come.

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Yowza!!!!!!!!!! Spectacular job!

One question; how do you guys wrest yourselves from such an inviting, spa-like bathroom like that? LOL

Enjoy the fruits of your labors!

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So lovely!!

Can you give me a source on the ceiling medallion? That is the exact shape I have been looking for!

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Love your shower space. How big is it? It looks like it was built for 2... (I'm trying to finalize our master suite layout; can you tell?) :)

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Thank you so much for your generous compliments! I have found myself taking alot more showers at night since the room was finished. It's so relaxing in there at night, with all the lights on low for ambiance.

Art_teacher_mom, I'll find out the source of the ceiling medallion since that was something that my husband ordered online. I do know that he only paid $52 for it(!)

Kirkhall, our shower dimensions are approx. 57" x 51", with a door and a bench at opposite corners. It's plenty big enough for the two of us. This may help you visualize it better. We used 4" x 4" tiles on the floor.

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I love the architectural elements. I love the cabinets. I love the tile. I love it all.

What is the wall color?

Is it my imagination or is Her vanity cabinet larger than His? :)

Why do most water closets NOT include a sink? I hate that about mine.

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good gravy! it's beautiful! but what a job that must have been. I can't even imagine trying to pick out all of those parts for it!

I think I'd probably put an air mattress on the floor and sleep in there. I'd never want to leave it!

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Having seen "teaser" pictures of parts of the bathroom before it was great to see the entire room in all its glory. A job very well done! It's just stunning -- yet still welcoming. No wonder you are enjoying it.

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Thank you!

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Art_teacher_mom... The ceiling medallion was actually $40. Here's a link to the site...

Here is a link that might be useful: Ceiling medallion source

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Why of course you needed to redo your bathroom, you had two lightbulbs out! ha ha. (I redid my kitchen last year becuuse my faucet dripped...)

It is beautiful! My bath isn't as big but your tiles are my color inspiration for my new shower.

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Oh my goodness, what a transformation! Congratulations!

What make & model is the toilet? I like it (as well as lots of other things) very much.

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Wow, you have a great eye to have been able to visualize that ceiling medallion from the way it looks in their photos. Great job all round.

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Beautiful transformation! I especially love the ceiling and floors and the beauty of how everything ties in so well together. Thank you for the details.

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Wow-what does the REST of your house look like?

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Love it!
I have more of the same cabinets in my bathroom (just got rid of the kitchen ones).
Love the his/her vanity.
We put a his/her cave in our kitchen - maybe I can figure out how to do in the bathroom!

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golly that's just gorgeous!

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That just takes my breath away. It reminds me of the most elegant bathroom in the fanciest 5-star hotel. (I've never seen one, of course, but I've seen pictures.) Absolutely stunning!

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Thank you all so much for your nice compliments! I was a realtor in our community for ten years and I recognize that our bathroom is what's known as "taste-specific." It won't appeal to many people but we're not going anywhere for many years so we designed the room for US.

@grumpydave... Our wall color is Kilim Beige at either 125% or 150%, I haven't located my notes to confirm. You are correct, His vanity is a downsized version of Her vanity. We tried to squeeze as much space in as possible between the door and the tub, including moving the door by 6". To maximize counter space, we made his upper cabinets narower and partially recessed them into the wall. I agree with you on the sink in the WC. It wasn't in the original plan but once we realized we could gain some extra space we thought it made all the sense in the world. We really, really like having a sink right by the toilet.

@elizawhyza... Our toilet is a Toto Guineviere. I'm pretty ambivilant about it. My husband doesn't care for it.

@ellendi... Trust me when I say that this IS the nicest room in the house! LOL

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I think your bathroom is bigger than my bedroom :)

One question; Does that chandelier meet code? It looks low.

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Absolutely beautiful!

Do you have a vent in the shower? If so, how do you replace air with the glass door and panel reaching all the way up to the ceiling?

If you don't have a vent in the shower, how do you get rid of moisture?


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Barbcollins... You're right, the chandelier is low. It's been installed with the appropriate GFI safety precautions but, when the time comes to sell the house, it will be replaced with a code-compliant light.

Janecat... We have both a vent and a blower/fan in the shower. The blower isn't hooked up yet but the fan is amazingly powerful/efficient so the shower glass barely fogs up during a shower. (Which is funny because when we decided to go with the full height glass, I worried that it would get too steamy and I'd get claustrophobic!) We usually squeegee the glass and tile after showering and leave the shower door open so it dries pretty quickly.

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When I finally got down to the first "after" picture, I I literally gasped and said "OMGOsh!" I've been in and out of this forum for 10 years and your to die for bathroom has to be one of the prettiest, if not the prettiest, I've ever seen!
I don't know how you earn a living but if you're not designing over the top bathrooms, you should :)
Love all the arches and matching rounded elements and even the shape of the water closet faucet handles mimic the shape of the vanity area. The chandy over the tub is exquisite...well everything is :) Congratulations!

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Wow..elegant bathroom..very nice!!! I had a question regarding the trim. How was the shower wall end finished? My designer is telling me to use a metal trim instead of a tile or bullnose trim as that would look better, but then what if it rots in a little while. Pls let me know, thanks.!

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Monicakm... Thanks so much. There are some amazing bathrooms on this forum so that's a great compliment! As everyone who remodels a bathroom knows, there are countless details and design decisions to be made. You are very observant... some of the smallest details, such as the faucet handles and the cabinet knobs, are those that I am happiest with for how they pull the room together. We're busy on our guest bathroom now. I've promised my husband NO more eliptical arches and 45 degree angles in this room.

Prads... Thank you! We finished our shower wall (and the perimeter of the niches) in a bullnose tile that matches our wall and floor tile. I was very glad that our tile had a matching bullnose. Unfortunately, the tile we've chosen for our guest bathroom does not come in a bullnose. Our tile designer is also suggesting using Schlueter metal trim but I'm not a fan. I'm going out this afternoon to see if I can find a bullnose that will coordinate with our tile.

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Wow, probably the prettiest bathroom ever on this forum. Your towel rack/heater is beautiful. What made you decide on Runtal - price, features, quality or ??? I've been going nuts trying to decide whether to get a heated towel rack. Also love the granite, and I usually don't like any granites.

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Thanks, Dianne. I liked the sculptural look of the Runtal Solea so that was a big part of why we chose it. The good reviews certainly factored into our decision but, frankly, I wanted one with the curved shape! We're replacing this one with the larger (54") model. They only warm the part of the towel that touches the heater so we'd like to maximize the contact area. (We're renovating my 13 year old son's/guest bathroom now and he's pretty happy about inheriting a towel warmer because there was no way he'd have gotten one otherwise!)

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Lucky son. Thanks for your comments I've done more research now and Runtal seems to get more favorable reviews. That curved design is really nice.

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treasuretheday, I just came back to drool over your gorgeous bathroom again :) Have you had any problems with your tv? I had one about the same distance from the tub as you do. Within a couple of months, it stopped working. My husband thinks it was the steam. He was already hesitant to put it above the tub so we didn't replace it.

Would you mind telling me where your bought your purple and gold-tan towels? That's one of my favorite color combos :)


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Hi Monica.... No steam related problems with the TV (yet, anyway) but we are having an issue with the cable hook-up so we've been using a separate antenna temporarily. We have a pretty powerful fan in the room and frequently open the windows a little while in the tub so I'm hopeful that we'll be able to avoid problems.

Purple is my favorite color and I found several purple towel options at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I liked the purple shade of the Micro Dry towels the best. They have a bit of a microfiber feel to them but they do dry really well and are amazingly soft. I then carried around a paint chip of the gold/tan color I wanted as an accent and ultimately found the right color at Kohl's, of all places. They are just about the same size but the texture is different.

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When I saw the pictures, the only word that came out to my mouth is "wow!". That was really a great bathroom. It fascinated me a lot!

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Beautiful! This gives me hope for remodeling the MB in our new house! :)

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Wowser! That is beautiful! Can I move in just for a hour or so? All I need is a comfy bathrobe.

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Thanks, this project has really taught me that no room is hopelessly plain and ugly. Our running joke now is "all ya gotta do is..." I also learned that drywall repairs are no big deal at all. During the year-long project, we had to cut into our first floor ceilings and soffits four or five times to make all of our plumbing changes (and then there was that one time when a contractor stepped through our dining room ceiling...!)

If you're mid-project, hang in there... it will be worth it!

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Wow amazing transformation I just redid my bathroom but not nearly as glamorous.

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I just saw this and I'm stunned! It's really a terrific design for the room, and those are probably the most beautiful vanities I've ever seen. Congratulations!

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Thank you very much, kmcg. Our Amish cabinetmaker did a beautiful job and worked really hard to get those tricky elliptical arches right. He's currently building us a straight 85" vanity for another bathroom remodel and I can't wait to see it!

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That is the prettiest bathroom I have ever seen. Congratulations!

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Hi Treasure!
So funny, I just answered an old post of yours and asked in you ever posted final pics...then I saw this post. Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous!!!! What a transformation!!!! I love it all, you guys did an amazing job. Congratulations!

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wow!! your bathroom is gorgeous!! do you have the contact info for the amish who made the vanities? i love them!!!

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Thanks so much! Our vanities were built by Country Side Cabinets in Clare, Michigan (central lower Michigan). I'm not sure how far they would travel (or if they ship) but we're about 3 hours away from them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Country Side Cabinets

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OMG!! Your bathroom is beautiful! It looks so cozy but still pretty large. Would you mind telling me what the dimension are in your bathroom?

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Thank you! Our original room was 14' x 10' 2". We added an extra 2' along the long wall by absorbing an adjacent linen closet and some dead space. This allowed us to make our water closet into an L shape with a sink. We've rebuilt the linen closet in our adjacent guest bath.

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I know that this is an older post but I found it on a search for mti tubs and I love your bathroom. We are doing a new build and I'm trying to make my plumbing decisions. I've been looking at the mti tubs and have three questions. (1) how did you pick which style that you wanted? They are not on display at my store so I only have the pictures on the internet. (2) I am looking at a similar size tub, do you find that it takes too much water to get it to a comfortable water height? and (3) Do you use it as much as you thought you would?

We are also trying to research toilets, the toto's seem to get mostly great reviews but there are also a bunch of bad reviews, I'm not sure if that is a new thing. But we were looking at the guinevere. Do you like it?


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So beautiful!

I also like your crown molding. May I know what the size and name they are?

Thank you very much.

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Thanks, Karen! Sorry for the delay in responding... I missed your question.

We chose the MTI Harmony because we wanted a 2 person tub that would be equally comfortable for both. The Harmony is identical on either end which also means that I can choose to sit facing either the TV or my (future) fireplace. It takes awhile to fill to near shoulder height. Depending on your water pressure and gpm of your faucet, I'd say about 10 minutes or so(?) I usually take a quick shower before jumping in the tub and the hot water from my (2) 40 gallon hot water heaters is just about out by the time the tub is full. The inline heater keeps it warm so I don't need to add more. I'd love to say that I use it as much as I thought I would but I just don't. Life is busy and I don't have the luxury of time most nights. I often just dim the lights and take a nice long hot shower instead. But, when I do use the tub, it is pure heaven!

I'd recommend giving Koren at a call. I am not affiliated with her but I have referred a few people to her because I found her to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with all of my questions. I was pretty nervous about making such a large purchase over internet but we had a great buying experience with them.

I'm lukewarm about the Toto Guinevere with Sanagloss that we ordered at the recommendation of our plumbing supply consultant who raved about Toto. There are things that I like (the soft-close lid, 9 months without a clog, one-piece skirted design and Sanagloss) but those don't overcome the huge negative for me. It is ridiculous to clean! There is a ledge around the top of the bowl that is too small to allow a brush to reach completely and there is a weird shape to the outflow recess at the bottom of the bowl that does not allow for the brush to clean completely. Fortunately, the bowl does stay cleaner longer with Sanagloss but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to get a small detail brush to take care of the stains that my regular brush can't get to.

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Thanks, Janesylvia. Sorry for missing your question also.

I believe our crown molding is either 3 1/8" or 3 1/4" wide (approximately 2 3/4" once it's installed.) We ordered it from our local lumber yard so I'm not aware of a name to identify it. Let me know if you'd like me to look for an uninstalled piece to take a profile photo.

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Hi treasure! It's been a long time! So happy to see this thread pop up again. Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE everything about it!

I haven't posted pics of our master bath yet. Our cabinet maker is still doing some modifications :)

But I did post pics of our finished kitchen. Hope you'll check it out sometime and let me know what you think! (I don't mean to hijack your thread, I didn't know how else to get in touch with you!)

Happy New Year and hope all is well!

Here is a link that might be useful: my finished kitchen

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Hi Janealexa! It's always good to hear from my "style-twin"! lol. I've been watching for your masterbath reveal and thinking about how much you must be enjoying your beautiful fireplace this winter.

Why? Why did you have to direct me to your kitchen reveal?? I've been trying to convince myself that my 24 year old kitchen is "fine" for awhile longer. Sigh. It's stunning, of course! I'll post my other kitchen-envy comments on that thread. ;)

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OMG I just came across this. Your bathroom is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing these photos. :)

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Hi Treasure...your bathroom is so nice it takes my breath are amazing and I wish you could come to NY and help me decorate mine. I am renovating my whole home because Sandy left us with four feet of water in our home. I absolutely love your tile and I have gone to 15 different tile stores looking for it. I know it is the Edimax Materia in Bronzea but I cant find it anywhere. Do you know where I can purchase this tile from? I am desperate to find it after seeing your pictures and I cant lug my 2 year old around to anymore tile stores!!! Please help if you can. Thanks so much. Trish

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Hi Treasure, so glad to reconnect and thank you for commenting on my other post!

Our master bath is a loooooong story. But to make a long story short our cabinet maker is going to build something around our steam shower to tie it into the rest of the bathroom. He hasn't even started on it yet so it will be quite some time before the master bath is completely done. I do love the fireplace. I also wish we did heated floors, it is quite chilly in the mornings. Do you use your heated floors often?

Don't hate me for saying this, BUT I would SO love to see you do a kitchen remodel. You and DH did such an amazing job with your master bath, I'd love to see what you'd do with your kitchen!! ;)

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Debbi Branka

Amazing transformation! I love the pillars and the curves and the tub! We want to do our master bath at some point. We want to make it larger (take some space out of master bedroom) so we can fit a 2-person tub. I have to show this post to my DH. We're in Michigan too (downriver area, south of Detroit). Where are you? Clare is also about 3 hours from us.

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Thanks for your kind comments!

Trish... I am so sorry that Sandy affected you and your home in such a major way. I hope that things are going as smoothly as possible as you try to put things back together. To deal with all of that with a busy two year old must be especially challenging. I absolutely love my tile and its warm somewhat rustic appearance so I'm glad that you like it too. I did some checking for you and have some info which I hope will be helpful. I sourced my tile from my local Virginia Tile store in Michigan. They would ship to NY but that would be hugely expensive, of course. I googled Edimax distributors in NY and came up with a couple who told me that they don't carry Material Forte and Westchester Tile in Scarsdale which told me that the Materia Forte was being discontinued(!) I quickly called my Virginia Tile rep who had not heard anything about that and was still expecting shipments within the next month. Checking further, I found the AllStone Boston Design Center that carries Edimax tile. The good news is they ship from a warehouse in New Jersey so that might be reasonable to consider. I spoke with Lauren Maggio who was very helpful and suggested that you contact her ( with details about the sizes and quantity that you'd be interested in and that she could order a tile sample for you. Their phone number is 617-737-2200. Depending on the size tiles that you're considering, I wouldn't be too hesitant to order tile in this way. We found that, by doing the usual mixing of boxes, we were happy with all of the large tiles and how they blended together. The 4 x 4's were a different story however because they had much more variation in tones and because they were a tumbled tile with uneven edges... some of them were very, very uneven. We ordered way more than we needed and picked out the best ones to use.

I hope that helps... please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions that I might be able to answer. I'd love to hear what you decide to do and look forward to seeing pictures of your room.

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Janealexa...It's those last details that can drag on, isn't it? Our cabinet maker put the last pieces of crown molding on my vanity just a month ago. We kept delaying having him come back because we weren't ready for installation of the vanity in our son's bathroom so we didn't want to ask him to make a special trip.

I'm sure your fireplace is heavenly but I suspect that you don't use it every day(?) Well, our heated floor is like that for now because we still don't have the timer hooked up (it's "on the list") so warming the floor reqires some planning ahead and remembering to turn it off. And I have learned that my 14 year old son loves to set the temp at 100+ and my husband doesn't like it higher than about 80 or his feet feel "clammy" lol I'm looking forward to my son's bathroom being finished so he can set his own floor temp.

Shhhhhh, don't mention a kitchen remodel! lol It's in my mind, but definitely not in my budget just yet! We haven't talked about it in any serious way... we're still mired in our second over-budget, way-behind-schedule bathroom remodel. I admit though I have been sneaking over to the kitchen forum sometimes recently to drool and dream... ;)

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Thanks so much, Deb! I'm about 20 minutes from Ann Arbor so not terribly far from you. If you need any local sources or referrals, feel free to let me know because I ended up with a pretty huge resource file between our two bathroom projects.

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Wow, I can't believe the difference. The arch and columns over the bath are breathtaking. What a cozy, inviting, and dreamy space. I would take a book and a cup of tea and disappear for a week.

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What an incredible transformation. And the fact that you did it yourself makes it all the more sweeter.

You just might find me in your tub one day watching TV.


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