has anyone used Hanson (Athens) Brick?

maggiepie11April 8, 2013

i did a search and can't find any mention of them on this forum and i haven't found any feedback about the bricks online. they're offered by a reputable dealer in our area and have some great colors i can't get with other mfrs.

seeking any feedback you can provide! thanks!!

PS: i think the athens in the name refers to the plant location.

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Many people use locally made bricks since shipping is far less expensive, reducing the cost of the brick.

There is a brick kiln about 45 minutes away, with plenty of styles.
Why pay shipping?

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weird. i tried replying to this but it didn't stick!

brickeyee, 45 minutes from whom? we're building in the dallas fort worth area. Athens, TX (where the Hanson plant is) is about 90 mins from dallas, which is a few miles closer than the nearest Boral brick plant, and i think Boral is like the standard brick on most new community construction around here so I can't imagine distance is the problem. i know there are some texas folks on this board... anyone?

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So you are asking a board that covers all of north America (and occasionally Great Britain shows up) if anyone has used a particular brick local to you?

Good luck.

There might be someone.

My point was that bricks are not often shipped all that far.

Ask your neighbors.

Drive around and knock on doors if the brick is distinctive.

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just wanted to add that Hanson serves not only all of the US but CA as well.

Originally when I posted, I thought Athens referred to a style collection as opposed to the regional plant. Nonetheless, with all the people on this board I've seen from Texas (and down south in general) and all the general expertise I figured I'd get a few people who had run across them or even had them on a consideration list at some point.

I'll pretend that was a genuine "good luck" wish.

thanks anyway.

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