Porch Shelf Display (Inspired by Jeanne)

slinkeyJuly 19, 2011

I always love seeing Jeanne's hutch display on her porch, and how she changes it out ea season.

So, it inspired me to work with what I had on my porch, and add to it.

I bought this old enamel top table 5 yrs ago, and use it on my porch as a server...but always wanted to add shelves above it. Well, Jeanne's hutch got me to thinking that I'd have DH make a shelf unit to mount on top of the table and then I could decorate it with some seasonal items.

I wanted something very simple and described what I wanted to DH. We got the wood yesterday, and he put it together in in a couple of hours... here's the results...

(now all I need is Jeanne's photography skills) :)

I'll probably fiddle around with what I have displayed on it..but for now it works fine.

It's really added a nice cozy feeling to the porch..

On one side is our table where we eat, and on the other side is an area just for sitting..so it's location is perfect, and can be enjoyed from either side.

Hope you enjoyed some 'Country Living'...

Thanks for looking.


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Love that table! You've done a great job of making that a cozy area,it just needs an antique cookbook or gardening book, I think it has everything else! What is that watermelony looking item? Nice job! Jan

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You are sooooo very lucky to have a hubby who can build things for you! I'm green with envy! ;o) It looks very homey and cozy, and I'm sure you will enjoy changing it out for the seasons. Luvs

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That is so nice and it is in a perfect spot. Love it.


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Kudos to DH! It looks like they have always belonged together. Love the Country Living decor! I may be inspired to do something with the bakers rack I have in the sunroom. Right now it is just a catch all for when I go out to the garden. Gloves, gardening handtools etc. Hmmm...maybe that will be the theme. Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks everyone for looking and for the nice comments.

Jan...that 'watermelony' thing was a great Flea find..for
$.50. It's a rustic piece that was cut from a hunk of tree and then painted to look like watermelon. The photo doesn't do it justice. I'd love to put an old gardening book there - which I do have, but I'm afraid the weather (humidity) would damage it.

Luvs..as far as you being 'green' over DH building things... I'm 'Green' over your 'Green Thumb' and those beautiful Hollyhocks you've grown !! lol

marylee..glad you enjoyed looking. Thanks

Kath..if you like this, and already have a bakers rack in your sunroom...check out Jeanne's bakers rack and how she decorates that beautifully too! I've been on the lookout for a real cheap one to put on the side of my small barn. I'd like to turn it into a decorative potting table.


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Great idea on your part, great execution on DH's part, and great decorating! The perfect brainstorm!!

I love the wood you chose, and DH did a wonderful job following your directions. It looks like it should be on the cover of Country Living mag.

The wooden watermelon was a great find, although I "wooden" want to eat it, LOL.

Great job, thanks for sharing your inspirational pictures. I think you did a fab job decorating it. Everything looks exactly right.


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Jane, that is a great country living display! I bet it cozies up the porch a lot!
Hope all is well, haven't heard from you lately!
Done any CTS shopping, or is tooooooo HOT?

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Are you kidding, Jane!!! You brain-stormed all that & your DH put it tog in a couple hrs! I LOVE IT!!! It's absolutely 'perfect' on your porch! I love using the old enamel table...I can't remember if I've ever posted a pic of how I saved an old enamel table from the 'burn pile' on my SIL's farm...it's my potting table now (I'll attach a pic!)

Anyway, I love the 'summery' accessories that you've used on the shelves! But that watermelon, that is wonderful! Unusual & unique, all in one! (seeds & all!) Very cool, slinkey Jane! TFS! Jeanne S.

Maybe you've sent some 'motivation' this way! I haven't changed out my wall shelf for some time! My porch is over 100 deg the last few days...we're still in the heat & humidity wave! Ugh! Here's my potting table (pic from last Fall):

Don't ya just love those old enamel tables!!! :-)

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Jane, you and your DH did great teamwork on this piece! Its wonderful. And looks like it really belongs in that spot too.
All the goodies on it are so neat, and sure make some delightful eye candy.

You are going to have so much fun decorating this piece! I'm glad Jeanne inspired you to 'go for it'.

hugs, Karen

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Ladies..Thank You all, for such sweet comments.
You've made me feel that I made the right decision with taking that enamel table a step further. I really enjoy seeing it ea time I sit out on the porch..even the Gkids have given it a 'two thumbs up' !

Candy...Wow! Being compaired to 'Country Living Magazine' -my favorite ..that's a Huge Compliment...Thank You!!

Kathleen....I know I've been MIA on your blog (I still visit usually late at night)..and haven't left any comments..I'm usually 'on the run' - even when I come here. I have all 4 GKids with me this Summer,(need I say more?) and it's been VERY hectic. I'm always exhausted...mentally and physically.
As much as I don't want the Summer to end, I can't wait for School to begin!

Jeanne...I remember that photo of your potting table. I can't believe it was going to be chucked into a fire!
Great Save. It seems to be in pretty good shape too. I love how you added that old door for extra character.

Thanks again for being the 'Inspiration' behind this project.

Karen..you're right, those shelves will be fun to change out during the Seasons... except for Winter - when everything will have to be removed for safe keeping.
Jeanne's lucky to have that enclosed porch to keep everything as is.


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Marlene Kindred

Well, as usual, I'm the cow's tail on my comments here! :-)

Jane, your table/hutch is BEAUTIFUL! First, I LOVE the enamel top table...I have a similar one on my porch, but I don't have the awesome hutch that your DH built for you....he deserves an extra tight hug I think.

All of your display pieces are just great...the rustic watermelon, the cow plate, the cow, the ducks, and on and on! LOVE IT ALL!

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Perfect! Now I want to take my metal hutch outside, but I'm using it as a display for some antiques and pink depression glass. :(

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Jane, sooo sorry I haven't posted before but I've been trying every night. For some reason GW wouldn't let me sign in. All it would do is freeze up my computer. Any hoo, I love it and all your decorations are awesome. I'm amazed at all the detail you put into each shelf. You and DH, rock girlfriend!!!

Jeanne, still love yours too and so glad you inspired Jane.


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love love love it - your husband did a wonderful job and it looks great in that space - you are going to have fun decorating that for the fall season and even if you take things in for the winter I can envision a beautiful holiday display with boughs, pinecones, let it snow sign, ect - yeah I am thinking winter - with this heat it is how I keep cool lol .....


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You have made me want to rearrange my back patio. I have an old 'found' Bakers Rack on one end of it with some garden junk on it. But unless I'm out back and on the patio, I can't even see it. If I put it at the end near the french doors, I can see it real easy. And maybe I'd enjoy decorating it for seasons or holidays.
I'll just have to switch places with it and my fairy garden. Since the fairy garden sits low, its hard to see
from inside the house anyway, so moving it isn't a big deal. Other than lifting all the flagstone that makes up
the 'setting'. My back won't appreciate that at all.

hugs, Karen

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It's been so nice reading all your wonderful compliments...
Thank You!

Marlene.. your expression 'the cow's tale'..made me laugh.
As far as you not having a hutch over your enamel table..
You might want to consider a shelf unit to mount over your table. I've seen them at Tag Sales from time to time in different sizes. Maybe something like that mounted over the table, might work.

oakleyok..I'd love to see a picture of your metal cabinet...sounds pretty with your antiques and depression glass.

Punk...I hope your problems with GW are fixed by now...that's frustrating. Glad you liked my displays..
DH thought I put too much on the shelves - I don't !! :)

Lynne...you've got me excited thinking about fun displays for the future Seasons.. However, even though many of us have been 'frying' with this heat, I'm still not too anxious for the Summer to end - especially after the Winter we just had.

Karen...sounds like a plan.... A Good One!!
I think from what you're describing, where you want to place that Bakers Rack... would be a perfect spot and also fun changing for seanons and holidays...AND, you're lucky to be able to keep it out all yr round too.
I hope this inspired you..and I'd love to see it when you set it up...


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GW seems to be working tonight so far and didn't make me log in. After I posted a few the other night it errored out and I couldn't post any more. I don't think it's over kill at all on your decorations. I hope this has inspired Karen to move her bakers rack and share with us. I'd love to see her displays on it.

Karen, are you listening?LOL I do think you need to wait for the weather to cool down before you do much outside. It was so nice here today and I have jeans on the line that are probably dry and ready to be brought in.

Oakleyok, I'd love seeing your display too.


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Go for it, Purplemoon! I love that Baker's Rack that you did up on GJ site...sounds like a plan! And I love this one of Jane's! Hope you get a cool day soon, PM! We got some much needed rain & it's slowly improving here. Jeanne S.

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Punk, so glad your GW problem has been resolved.
Every now and then I've had problems with the site having 'hissy fits' ! lol
I'm glad you and Jeanne..feel the same as me, by encouraging Karen with her Baker's Rack. I'd think she'd have a ball with it and she has so many great things to display on it too.
Do you hear us Karen ??? - and oh, like Punk mentioned ..make sure it's cool enough to move around outside before you get started! It was a 'beast' here today..I shudder thinking of what the temps were by you.


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If I wait till its cool enough outside, it will be Halloween!! LOL. Actually in the shade, doing stuff outside isn't so bad. The problem is all the bending and lifting of the flagstone to move my fairy garden setting.
sigh. My back, and the Fibro, aren't into "work" anymore.

But soon as I'm able, I do plan to switch things around.
hugs, Karen

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Karen..that is the sweetest fairy garden display..and looks so lovely there. I love how you stacked the flagstone and created different layers for all those sweet fairies and creatures.
It does look like it would be quite a job hauling all those flagstones..I hope you can recreate it in another spot..it would be a shame not to have it anymore.

I am excited for you though, with the thought of setting up the Baker's Rack for your new display. Keep us posted on your progress...and please 'Pace Yourself' !!


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Just checked in and see that you have yourself a new display area. Boy, it looks great. Beadboard on the back, right?

I wish I had a porch to lounge on! They stopped building them in California years ago.

Your husband is a KEEPER.

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Jane, Your husband did a GREAT job, and you decorated the shelves beautifully.
Aren't those enamel top tables wonderful?
I'm sure you will have fun changing it out for the seasons.

Karen, Your little fairy garden is adorable. do you have a new spot for it?
I'm looking forward to seeing your bakers rack please take your time setting it up!!!

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Thanks OA and Nana...

OA...Yep...DH likes using the beadboard on the back of his cabinets..it adds some interest rather than a flat panel backing...looks nice too. He is a Keeper...cause I've got more projects lined up for him - lol

Nana...you're right those old enamel tables are wonderful..
I remember my DGM having one in her kitchen and now owning one myself..brings back nice memories.


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Jane, I appologize, I thought I had posted on this, but if I did it is lost. I love your table and shelves. I remember my DGM had one of those tables. Brings back a lot of memories. You and your hubbie did a fantastic job on the shelves and your decor is great. I would love to have a nice porch, but I don't see that in the cards; but with the wind we have here, I would probably have to bolt everything down to keep it from landing somewhere over in Tennessee. KAREN, i LOVE YOUR LITTLE FAIRY GARDEN, iF you do move it be really careful of your back and don't work too long at a time in this heat. TFS Janet

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Thanks Janet..
Glad you got the same feeling from the enamel table..
Seems like many of us remember these tables from someone we knew, when we were younger...that brings nice memories. I hear ya on the wind blowing things around...I DO have mostly everything sort of bolted down with blue tacky...I just hope it's strong enough to do the job.


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Karen I love your beautiful Fairy Garden but torn to think it may have to all be moved. But excited to think you may have a Bakers rack to decorate all year and share with us.

What a bunch of enablers here! Makes me wonder what I did with all my spare time before finding all of you.LOL


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The fairy garden is so sweet.
I'm with you when it comes to the heat. I used to think I didn't mind it (maybe that's because it's easier when you're young), but now I find the sweat just rolls off me. I do keep a small beach umbrella that I can just stick into the ground if I know I'll be working out in the sun for any length of time. I saw bricklayers do that one time. Shade makes all the difference.

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