restoring a honed finish on limestone

pegthefloristMay 2, 2014

I just had my bathroom done in 12x24 limestone tile.
The contractor apparently did not clean the floor before sealing it. It looked dirty and smeary so I asked what could be done. He tried acetone, but it did nothing because of the penetrating sealer over the grime. He tried buffing it with a professional type floor machine. Now it looks bad again because it started to take on a shine in some areas...., not a good solution. He suggested machine sanding. Has anyone tried this on a new floor? I just want to have a clean honed finish like it had, so that it can be resealed. Its just a small area, maybe 4x6.

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Your post reads like your contractor is going to keep tripping over himself as he tries one uneducated repair after another, with him possibly causing more damage to your floor with each additional stumble.

I recommend contacting the tech department that manufactured the sealer that he used. Find out what they recommend to strip the sealer. If you know for example that he used an Aquamix sealer, you can even go to their website and find a compatible stripper.

Since he "buffed" the sealed and dirty floor he might have buggered up the possibility of a simple repair, so refinishing of the entire floor might be a necessity.

Instead of letting him "sand" the floor, look into using a hogs hair pad and honing powders. Any time a floor is renewed/rehoned/polished, the entire floor needs to be treated in consistent fashion or you'll have variations in sheen in the treated floor. It's fairly easy to run a large 17" round pad over the bulk of a floor with a commercial machine. But getting the tight inside corners of the floor where the 17" disc won't fit in to match? That's where you can have issues.

You can let your contractor continue with his "repairs", but at least steer him towards the what I consider to be a more appropriate path. And ask how he plans on making the inside corners of the floor where the large machine can't reach look the same as the bulk of the floor.

Good luck!

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