jardinistaSeptember 8, 2010

Hey all-I have what i think are carpenter ants. I've had them all summer long on concrete patio--just a nuisance I thought. Have read on them and discover they are quite destructive. seeing them now in kitchen. OK--aside from the boric acid treatment,what can I do? Plain old ant traps? Any experience/suggestions. thanks,Jardinista

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If I had carpenter ants, I would be getting in the professional exterminators. They can eat through wood and make it useless. They tend to be around in the wood that is low to the ground and can weaken the foundation of your house and eventually move higher. I used to watch this old house all the time and there was a house that had them. The fellow pushed his screwdriver with no effort right through the wood. If it were my house I wouldn't take the chance that any stragglers would remain to start new colonies.

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Will consider. thanks,Jardinista

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I had them and had to get Terminex. I had no idea what they were. My wife was recovering from a hip replacement and I had served pasta in the bedroom. I thought that this was Parm Cheese on the blinds. It was was sawdust! I saw then marching on the white carpet in the living room at 6 AM in a straight line. Terminex came and drilled holes in the window casings and put this nozzel in the hole and they came running out like something from the bible! They put plastic plugs in to seal the hole. I had a big house and they were in every window frame. This is not something U can treat with Raid. Look around outside to see if U can locate the nest. I never knew to look for something like that. I had landscapers so I never walked the lawn. The exterminators found it right away and poured something on it to kill the nest.

Good luck, but to call a pro.

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I had them around on my deck and outside my house. Only ever saw a couple in my house. I got some nasty ant killer from the hardware store, one of the known brands, said it killed them. Pyrethrins in a white powder. I sprinkled it around the perimeter of the house (I ringed the entire house), and I haven't seen one in quite a while. My next door neighbor lady works for an exterminator and she said meat attracts them, so that might be cat or dog food? I was feeding the (inside) dogs some kibbles on the deck for breakfast and some must have rolled off the deck or gotten stuck between the boards. I quit that.

Anyway, if that powder doesn't work within a week, I would call an exterminator because they can cause your house to literally crumble. Good luck!

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