use or not to use, that is the ???

patty_cakesJuly 18, 2010

I notice many of you use a tablecloth when having a more formal dinner(dining room/candles/fine china/cloth napkins)than casual dinner, but is it *really* necessary? I don't have a large enough table cloth, and for Christmas used gold chargers along with my Royal Albert China, and it was a very pretty table. What's your consensus? TIA ;o)

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I think anything goes as far as tablecloth and placemats are concerned. Generally I tend to use tablecloths for larger gatherings, more to protect my table from abuse. Also, it's fun to layer placemats on top of a tablecloth to add color to the table.

When it's just the 2 of us, we use placemats and cloth napkins. In fact, we always use cloth napkins (a tree hugger here!)

Would love to see a pic of your gold chargers w/your RA china. Sounds lovely!

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I would like to see a picture too!!
I use table cloths all the time, with pads under them! That's because I LOVE fabric and like making the cloths with trims and such. I get great pleasure out of changing the cloth several times a week on the breakfast table.
If the DR table is not being used, I leave it with no cloth, just a runner/topper and centerpiece. If it will be used, on go the pad and cloth! If we are having a big crowd, I have table cloths to match for all three tables (DR, Kitchen and Den). The dishes, silver and glassware may be helter skelter, but the table cloths all match :^)

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